Little Rat Teeth

Generations Deluxe Ratrap is a 2014 re-make of one of Beast Wars iconic characters. He’s not that great a rat, though, for one simple reason: his teeth are identical in size, and arranged evenly around his mouth. Actual rats have large incisors, and all their other teeth are right at the back of their mouths. Basically, their faces are built around powerful bone-and-enamel nutcrackers.

We at AddAltMode know this well, because we’ve got a quartet of the fluffy little squeakers as pets.

Meet Westie

Here’s Westie

Meet Scotty

Here’s Scotty

And here's Frenzy & Rumble

And here’s Frenzy & Rumble

Anyway, we had to have Rattrap for our collection, but those teeth couldn’t stay. I had a new set made to my specifications (Shapeways link here and yes, this link goes to my own Shapesways shop), trimmed away the old teeth (Note that I left the original bottom incisors – these are pretty good), and installed new top teeth.

3d Teeth

A screencap of the teeth being worked on in Blender.

Rattrap's New Top Incisors

Rattrap grins, showing off his new top incisors.

Rattrap in robot mode, from the side.

The new teeth fold away in ‘bot mode.

The new teeth fold away quite neatly in robot mode, barely affecting the transformation, which is what I’d intended. Rattrap is now much more suited to sit on the nerd-shelf of a rat-owning household. A job well done.

– B

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