Transformers Prime: Top Facial Expressions

I’m quite a fan of the Transformers Prime TV show (you might have noticed). One of the things I really like about the TF franchise in general is how the same characters and character archetypes appear and reappear in different but still recognisable guises over time. Prime in particularly has a very small cast and  – though it loses its way in places – I love just how character-driven a show it is. Part of that success is due to the fantastic voice acting, but I also like just how expressively animated the Bots are – especially their faces.

So, with no further ado, I bring you 6 of my favourite TF Prime expressions….

CONTAINS SPOILERS but honestly, Prime is a few years old now and if you haven’t watched it already I’m surprised you’re still reading.

6. Bumblebee: unwelcome ad break 

Screencap from Transfomers Prime

Screencap from Transfomers Prime Episode 30 ”Operation Bumblebee, Part 1′

I mean, yes car adverts can be a bit much sometimes – I find that every time I go to the cinema. But Bumblebee stuck in Bot mode really can’t handle the commercial breaks. This is a three for the price of one expression shot because the horror and awkward embarrassment on the kids’ faces is great too.

5. Arcee: “Did he just…?”

One of my all time favourite Arcee moments is the ‘does not compute’ expression on her face after ‘roid-rage Syth-En Souped Ratchet flirts with her.

Screencap from Transfomers Prime episode 22 ''Stronger, Faster''

Screencap from Transfomers Prime episode 22 ”Stronger, Faster”

4. Megatron: ”Did he just…?”

Actually, “Stronger Faster” (Prime’s amusing take on the anvilicious drugs episode that is pretty much obligatory in every kids’ show) is a goldmine for confused and appalled looking robots. Check out Megatron’s somehow I just got slapped by ”Optimus Prime’s lapdog” face.

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 22 ''Stronger, Faster''

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 22 ”Stronger, Faster”

 3.  Ratchet: a flight to try to forget

Speaking of Ratchet…. the Autobot medic can pull as memorable faces as he provokes from others. It seems that when he’s not souped-up on Synth-En, Ratchet is far less action happy as evidenced here by his response to Wheeljack’s piloting skills.

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 40 ''Triage''

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 40 ”Triage”

2. Knockout: the Doc is (not all) in

Oh, Knock Out, *sighs* I very nearly went with a pout screenshot for him. I mean, Knock Out’s pouty face is so legendary that Essie have named a nail polish after it* His smug face is great too (actually all his expressions are great, but we’re not here to talk about my inappropriate Concrush) but both pout-face and smug-face get so much screentime that it’s hard to choose a single shot. When it comes to Crazy Doc faces, however, there can be only one – the one that Cylas will remember for the rest of his life (which admittedly isn’t  very long).

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 45 ''The Human Factor''

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 45 ”The Human Factor”

Incidentally, when Starscream asks in an earlier episode ”and where is the good doctor” am I the only one who wishes Breakdown had replied ”I don’t know, but Knock Out’s gone illegal street racing.” Let’s face it, he is neither good, nor a good doctor. He’s a great bad doctor, though.

1. Soundwave: trollolol

It says a lot about the series as a whole that one of the most expressive facial shots of all comes from the Con who basically doesn’t have a face. Overall I have to admit I wasn’t so fond of Soundwave’s  skinny, tentacley Prime incarnation in comparison to more classic, tape deck inspired versions of the character, but this would-be interrogation scene is when he finally won me over with his majestic piece of trolling.

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 62 'Minus One''

Screencap from Transformers Prime Episode 62 ‘Minus One”

Epilogue: Missing someone?

It was actually pretty hard to narrow my choices down to just these. There are lots of expressions and characters who almost made the cut instead. But I know there’s one character – perhaps the most facially expressive of all Transfomers – who I know must seem very conspicuous in his absence. And that’s because he deserves his own post.

Coming Soon to Addaltmode: Transformers Prime, Top Facial Expressions Starscream Edition!

 “Me? I for one, can’t wait” 

Screencap from Predacons Rising TV Movie

Screencap from Predacons Rising TV Movie

 *May not actually be true

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