It only took 30 years… Generations Arcee

You know when you’re looking forward to seeing a soon-to-be-released film, and every shop and supermarket in town is literally stuffed with merch? Sometimes it takes longer than that for merch items to hit the market:

Took you long enough to get here, lassie.

Arcee, from Transformers: the Movie (1985) and Transformers Generations Arcee (2015)

So, yeah, after about 3 decades, Arcee from the original Transformers movie finally has a toy on the market. She’s quite a nice sculpt, looking reasonably screen-accurate, packed with 2 guns and 2 bladed weapons.

Generations Arcee carded

Arcee is card mounted with a comic she’s barely in, 2 guns, & 2 bladed weapons.

I like when a girl brings her own "protection".

Arcee wielding her guns. The smaller of the two looks much more like her movie weapon.

Arcee with her blades.

These bladed weapons can be wielded two ways.

Arcee has two guns packed with her; a little square-barrelled pistol that strongly resembles her gun from the movie, and a more brutish tubular thing that looks sort of Dalek-ish to me, though I can’t put my finger on why. Either of these guns will peg nicely into her fists, wrist-mounts, shoulders, or stay “holstered” or her hips.

Her colour scheme is almost completely screen accurate, except for a few touches of black which break up the pink-and-white quite nicely. These are mostly on hinged areas, so I suspect that they are a denser plastic than the rest of her, and that their presence is an engineering necessity. Her chest is missing the Autobot sigil present on in the cartoon, but I think I can remedy that easily enough.

Though this is clearly G1 Arcee (the pink colour-scheme and Princess Leia hairstyle should leave you in no doubt), her bladed weapons can be used as swords in the style of TFA Arcee, or wielded as katar or arm-blades like TFP Arcee. I guess this kind of cross-continuity joke counts as fanservice of a sort, right?

The articulation on this figure is quite nice, but nothing special. Her shoulders, neck and hips are on ball-joints, whilst her knees and elbows are simple hinges.  Her flat strut-backed heels are nice and stable, and although she has a largish backpack of car parts, it seems most of her mass is in her torso, so she stands well in any reasonable pose.

Remarkably human-looking belly.

These sculpted pistons are hidden away in Arcee’s belly in robot mode, and tucked underneath in car mode. You only get to see them during transformation.

Transforming Arcee isn’t hard. You pretty much just fold her head away, then unfold the car-parts on her back and tug her limbs into the shell this creates. Interestingly, some of her sculpted details are only visible during the process of transforming her. There are some piston-like “mechanical” looking structures tucked inside her belly that can’t be seen in either mode. Also of interest is the tidy articulation in the upper thighs that allows the car modes back wheels to be hidden away in robot mode.

In her alt-mode, Arcee looks fairly sleek, and “retro-futuristic” in a distinctly 80s way. Of course, the early 80s idea of what cars from a utopian 2005 would look like seems endearingly naive nowadays. It seems that the toy-makers managed to match up nicely with the cartoon design.

Hilariously, people in 1985 thought we'd all be driving these by 2005.

Arcee in car mode, in the cartoon and in plastic.

The guns and swords all peg in nicely to those rectangular indentations at the back, allowing you to clip all four weapons into her alt-mode, turning her from a sleek sports car into a gun-studded and blade-edged chariot-thing, if that’s your bag.

Actually, when your ride is a lady robot "Pimp My Ride" sounds pretty sexist.

Pimp My Ride: Autobot Weaponry Edition

All in all, she’s a nice figure, with reasonable articulation and a nice altmode. I’m sure that since she’s the first screen-accurate G1 Arcee she would be going to grace a lot of collector’s shelves whether she was any good or not, but I’m pleased to say that she looks pretty cool. I think she’s worth every penny spent on her retail price, and seeing as she’s already going for twice retail from scalpers I’m glad I paid under RRP to pre-order her. She’s definitely a worthwhile addition to my collection.


What're you looking at?

Obligatory comparison pictures: Generations Arcee vs. Prime Arcee.

Obligatory Fight Club reference

“Why do people think I’m you?”
“Now answer me, why do people think that I’m you?”
“I think you know.”

Not just a pretty face.

Pfffft. I can’t take that garishly pink colour-scheme seriously.
Good. Being underestimated makes it easier to get into striking distance.
… Really? That’s pretty cool.

Seriously, Ripclaw's female. Look it up.

All the female Transformers in our collection. Arcee, アルク-S, Arcee and Ripclaw.

3 thoughts on “It only took 30 years… Generations Arcee

  1. My daughter collects the fembot Transformers and this version of Arcee has become her absolute favourite so far.. although there seems to be a fascination with the addition of a belly button. 😉


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