One Spoilt Robot: Customisations for Knock Out

I do enjoy spoiling the ones I love. This is why my 4 pet rats live the high life in cage designed for 12. It’s why I surprised B  last Christmas Day with the news that I was taking  him to Auto Assembly this year (our first time, so exciting!). And it’s why my toy of Knock Out – my favourite Decepticon – has a ton of customisation and actually more additional accessories than he can wield at any one time. Yeah it’s probably a bit over the top but let’s face it, if there’s one character from Transformers Prime who would appreciate a few aesthetic enhancements, it’s our Knock Out, and seeing as none of his toys really do the character justice he’s due a few perks at least.

So here’s a brief guide to how this Automobile Enthusiast got pimped….

Knock Out Screenshot from Transformers Prime Episode 64 "Synthesis"

“Because I’m worth it”

But before we get pimpin’ here’s the obligatory before shot.

Unpimped Knock Out

Unpimped Knock Out

I have the Takara Arms Micron Knock Out. Why? Partly because I think the Minicon buddies are cute: Knock Out comes with Gra the crab (and for the record, the Gra in that link is actually my toy, look at him all famous on But mostly I hunted down the Arms Micron version because he is at least the right shade of red –  which is more than can be said for the weirdly orange and maroon Prime RID toy. For a Con so concerned with his paint-job it’s woeful that they managed to get that so wrong. And the less said about Beast Hunters Knock Out (otherwise known as “Croc Knock”) the better. Well, I guess you can say “dear god why?” And while we’re on the subject, I’m not really sure how I feel about sure about ate all the glowsticks Dark Energon Knock Out either.

So, this figure could be better: it lacks Knock Out’s distinctive shoulders (all his toys do) but it does have the colour, the shine and the smirk. What it doesn’t have is all the cool gear Knock Out has in the show: his saw, drill and cattle prod paralyser spear.

Custom 1: Prepared for Surgery

Fortunately, Ariel Lemon has designed a great set that includes all Knock Out’s tools. B bought this for me from Shapeways as an early Christmas present. He really looks so good with all his gear. The drill and saw slot in where his hands fold back so he can wield them just like he does in the show. The set also comes with back fillers that bulk him up at the back and act as a storage place for the tools he isn’t wielding. Ariel Lemon’s set is designed for the Prime RID Knock Out but I found it all fitted my Arms Micron version just fine.  It’s a great looking kit and I highly recommend it.

Knock Out with Ariel Lemon's tool set

Knock Out with Ariel Lemon’s tool set

KO tools3

You have to make your own saw noise

The spear is quite screen accurate except for the thickening that allows him to hold it

The spear is quite screen accurate except for the thickening that allows him to hold it

Custom 2: Buff this!

I love Ariel Lemon’s set, but there’s still one iconic piece of kit missing from Knock Out’s arsenal….

Knock Out with his Buffer

“Oooh pack smart”
Screen shot from TF Prime ep 65 “Deadlock”

… his much-loved rotary buffer!

It didn’t look as if anyone had made one of these to 3D print, until now… but I am spoilt too so B designed a rotary buffer in Blender. The prototype was a success and this is now available to order from B’s Shapeways shop.

Rotary buffer by AddAltModeB (Vigilant1000)

Rotary buffer by AddAltModeB (Vigilant1000)

So I think Knock Out’s probably got enough stuff now. I just need to get hold of a Breakdown toy to do the dirty – I mean “clean” do the clean – otherwise poor Steve will get lumbered again.

"Left a bit... down a bit...."

“Left a bit… down a bit….”

But wait, there’s more. And I did this one myself!

Custom 3: Seeing Red

I like the face on this toy, it has a good smirk. The only thing I didn’t approve of was the fact that his eyes are white rather than red. I’d been puzzling on how to rectify this ever since I bought the figure but it was only while working on my Slipstream cosplay that I found the solution. I bought some red acetate to put on the eye pieces in Slipstream’s helmet and I realised that technique would also work for Knock Out, if on a much smaller scale. By unscrewing the back of his head I put two tiny pieces of acetate behind his eyes. This keeps the light-piping effect but makes it red rather than clear. It’s a pretty quick fix but I’m happy with the result.

Custom eyes by AddaltmodeR

Custom eyes by AddaltmodeR

Unmodified toy shot

Arms Micron Knock out original eyes

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