Cosplay: Sasha Kaidanovsky from Pacific Rim

OK, I noticed something abut my post content from the past week: I seem to be incapable of writing without finding a way to work in references to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. So today I thought I’d just run with it and actually post about that film, or more specifically, about the cosplay project it inspired a couple of years ago.

Pacific Rim was undoubtedly my favourite film of 2013 and it came as a bit of a surprise just how much it got me! I went in to the cinema just expecting a good time, and some geeky fun. I mean, giant mecha punching giant monsters and a computer voiced by GLaDOS, what’s not to love there? I got all the geeky fun I’d been hoping for but what I hadn’t expected was quite how strongly this film would put me in touch with my gleeful inner child. Sure, there’s some pretty awful dialogue in places and plot holes the size of the breach if you stop to think about them but none of that matters because it’s just such an earnest cinematic experience. Pacific Rim is made with real love and passion for the genre and that is wonderfully infectious. I mean we all know del Toro loves Kaiju, but there’s passion for the machines too: those awesome, lingering swooping shots of the Jaegers are the best kind of mech-porn. Plus there’s that Ramin Djawadi score, in equal parts rousing and rocking.

When I came out of the cinema I said two things:

1). “I wanna see that again.”

2). ”Cherno Alpha is the coolest thing ever and I want to be one of its pilots’

Screen shot from Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim

The Russian Jaeger Cherno Alpha. Screen shot from Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim

Coming home and going online I quickly discovered that I was far from alone in my adoration of the Russian Jaeger and its pilots, Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky. It’s impressive really because to be honest they’re hardly in the film, but – rather like Boba Fett in Star Wars – there’s something about their badass steampunk design that far exceeds their limited screen time. I think Luke McKinney summed the general feeling around these characters pretty accurately when he said: ”if a genie ever offers me the job, costume, body, or sex partner of my dreams, the answer will be the crew of the Cherno Alpha, and I don’t care which.”

Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky in Pacific Rim

Heather Doerksen & Robert Maillet as Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky in Pacific Rim

So, I wanted, needed, more of the Kaidanovskys  but thrilled as I am that a Pac Rim sequel is now confirmed, SPOILER: they’re can’t very well be in it, can they? (I’ll admit I’d been kinda hoping for a prequel!) No, to soothe my Cherno Alpha addiction I was going to have to take things into my own hands – in other words…


Here’s a little gallery of my efforts to reproduce the outfits the Russians wear in the Shatterdome (this project dates from before I’d started working with foam, so I didn’t feel up to tackling the pilot suits!) These costumes were worked on in Autumn 2013 and worn to both a private party and to ExeCon in April 2014. By the end I never wanted to see a safety pin again, but hey, it keeps the flamethrower-wielding mech alive.

Long Live Cherno Alpha!

Close up of Aleksis jacket back, made by AddAltModeR, modelled by B

Close up of Aleksis jacket back, made by AddAltModeR, modelled by B

Me as Sasha

Sasha Kaidanovsky cosplay by AddAltModeR


Sasha jacket back

Sasha jacket back


I used over 600 safety pins in total

I used over 600 safety pins in total


Couples who cosplay together, stay together.

B as Aleksis Kaidanovsky

B as Aleksis Kaidanovsky


With NECA Toys Cherno and Leatherback

With NECA Toys Cherno and Leatherback

This time the fight will go differently

This time the fight will go differently

Cheers to Sadie from Aim For Fabulous for taking the photos!

4 thoughts on “Cosplay: Sasha Kaidanovsky from Pacific Rim

  1. Kickass!

    Glad my post was helpful for someone who went so far above and beyond the Kaidanovsky Kause! The Boba Fett parallel is great. They could found an entire lifestyle movement with only a few minutes of screentime. If they got a whole movie they’d likely redefine society.

    And sure, they’re not in any sequel (despite my best efforts), but the fluff says Cherno Alpha is built as it is for extended combat patrols. In other words, this could be the first prequel anyone ever gave a shit about.


    • Thank you! Glad you like the costumes.

      I’ve (mostly) grudgingly resigned myself to the fact that society is just not ready for the concentrated dose of awesome that a Cherno Movie would bring. Still, wasn’t there some talk of a spin off prequel cartoon? I think “Pacific Rim: Six Years in Vladivostok” would be a good title!


  2. Cool outfit. I have yet to watch Pacific Rim, which is weird because I grew up watching mech shows so I am sure to enjoy it.


    • Thanks so much for stopping by! This was a fun project to make (bar the safety pinning which drove me kind of insane by the end) and to wear (and at least I can sit down in this, unlike my Transformers Arcee costume!)

      Ooh if you’re a mech fan then you’re in for a treat with Pacific Rim when you get round to it. Like I said above it isn’t perfect but it’s so full of love for the genre I think it would pretty hard not to have a good time with this film. Make sure you don’t blink and miss the Kaidanovskys though!


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