Mixtapes, Supervillains and Corpsepaint

Peter “Star Lord” Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie a few of you might have heard of, has a mixtape of music from his home-world, Earth (a planet a few of you might have heard of). It seems to me, however, from looking at the cosmetic choices of his enemy Ronan the Accuser might also have been listening to the music of Earth. Those who are tr00 will know what I’m talking about.

I'm not the only one who thought this when they saw Ronan.

Ronan the Accuser, with Horgh, Abbath and Apollyon from Immortal

Ronan’s facepaint, mixed from ash and the blood of defeated enemies, looks to me like the corpse paint beloved by the black metal scene. I suspect that the Accuser might be a little bit kvlt behind closed doors, filling his own “Awesome Mixtape Vol. 1” with Immortal, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Taake and Tsjuder. Imagining the powerful alien warlord grooving around his spiky black spaceship to tr00 kvlt BM has us tickled pink here at AddAltmode, but we suspect Ronan’s actual response to Immortal might be a little less enthusiastic, and more quizzical:

Call of the Wintermoon

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