Geek Fashion project: Steampunk Decepticon bag

I love working on cosplay stuff but Transformer costumes are pretty major undertakings. Sometimes it’s refreshing to take a break from large scale craft projects and make something that can be completed in a single weekend. Here’s a little something I finished recently…

What do you think is missing from this bag?

Obligatory before pic

Obligatory ”before” pic

If you said “a Steampunk Decepticon logo” then you’re clearly on my kind of wavelength!*



The leather satchel is one I’ve owned for quite a few years now. It’s quite a well traveled bag as it tends to be the one I take to gigs. I bought it originally to wear the first time I went to Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT), an amazing gothic festival that takes place annually in Leipzig. With lots of dressing up as well as stalls, hundreds of bands playing and cultural events throughout Leipzig, it’s rather like a four day convention for goths! One of the great things about WGT is that it embraces so many different styles of what can loosely be termed “goth” culture – both in terms of the bands that play there and the individual styles of the festival goers. Yes there’s a lot of black but you’ll see plenty of other shades too: from the neon glow of the Cyber-goths to the brown and brass of Steampunks. Its diversity is one of the things that makes this festival such a blast to attend!

Want to know how I like to dress when I go to WGT? Let me show you my number one video game style icon: Commander Vale from one of my all time favourite games, Torchlight II. She is awesome.

Commander Vale. NPC from Torchlight II by Runic Games

Commander Vale. NPC from Torchlight II by Runic Games

I’ve never done a Torchlight cosplay because WGT is effectively 4 days of me getting to pretend I’m from the Torchlight universe!

So yeah, the brown satchel is a must. Ahead of this year’s event I thought it needed jazzing up and that it might be fun to mix things up a little, and to wear my fandom on my sleeve – or by my side anyway. Steampunk + Transformers = WIN! And after all, IDW have already been there and done that with Hearts of Steel (arguably the coolest thing ever).

So, the Decepticon logo is made from black fake leather, it’s appliquéd onto the brown fabric base which I then cut into the shield shape and stitched directly onto the bag (my poor fingers, this was a tough tough sew, even with a thimble – but hopefully it should last). Finally, I added the embellishments which are bronze pearl beads, glued on with epoxy resin.

Here are a few in progress shots:


Now with added ‘con


These were 20p from a clearance bin in Dunelm Mill

Close up

Close up

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I think this bag is going to get worn a lot, and not just for gigs and festivals. Steampunk evil robots are for life, not just for goth fests!

*Or maybe you’re just perceptive and took the hint from the title of this post. That’s OK too but I’d love to think there are people out there other than me who genuinely go round looking at things and thinking “hmm needs moar steampunk Decepticon.”

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