Geek Fashion! My Kind of Dress: Vintage Fabric Transformers Sun Dress

So, lately there’s been a whole lot of nonsense and hype on social media about #TheDress, but there’s only one dress that has managed to excite me. And forget any rubbish about trying to decide if it’s white and gold or blue and black, this one is definitely yellow and blue and it’s definitely covered in Autobots and Decepticons! Win!

Photo by Mary Jane's originals, used with permission

Transformers dress by Mary Jane’s Originals

Best of all, this dress was made especially for me by Geek Seamstress Extraordinaire Mary-Jane, of Mary-Jane’s Originals.

I first met Mary-Jane at one of our local South-West UK conventions where she had a stall for her custom clothing business -Mary-Jane’s originals – which does an amazing line in gorgeous clothing for geeks sewn from quirky print fabrics featuring anything from the Powerpuff Girls and Maleficent to Star Wars or The Walking Dead. We got chatting properly at Xmas Devcon 2014. I was cosplaying Arcee at the time and Mary-Jane showed me some really cool shorts that she’d customised with a Transformers twist. Unfortunately the shorts themselves were too big for me, so I didn’t buy them (otherwise I probably would have done), but I was more than happy to pose with them for a photo for Mary-Jane’s Facebook page.

AddAltModeR as TF Prime Arcee. Shorts and photo by Mary-Jane.

TF Prime Arcee cosplay by AddAltModeR. Shorts and photo by Mary-Jane’s Originals.

Mary-Jane gave me her contact info and I said I might contact her in the future about maybe supplying a skirt of my own to be ‘Transformed’ in a similar way. Then, as is life, I mostly forgot all about it for a while.

But in January MJ updated the “fabric files” on her Facebook page mentioning that she had acquired some new Transformer themed character fabrics, and I couldn’t resist messaging her to find out more. These are vintage fabrics from the 80s, things like curtains and bedspreads that can be re-purposed into clothing. Can we say “G1”? Oh we can: altogether now “Geeee Wuuuun!” I was seriously amused by one of the fabrics (curtains originally) which mostly featured Soundwave’s deployers attacking people. That would make a pretty fun skirt (does saying that make me sound maladjusted?) but the sample I really fell in love with featured a mix of Autobots and Decepticons in both robot and vehicle modes. It had a lovely summery feel that would make a gorgeous – if incredibly geeky – sundress.

"Lazerbeak Eject!" Fabric sample

“Lazerbeak Eject!” Fabric sample I loved but didn’t go with in the end

fabric sample1

The fabric I finally chose (I don’t think that truck Optimus is to scale!)

My geek wardrobe mostly consists of T-shirts but I’ve always thought it would be great to have a geeky dress, so I decided to treat myself. I’m not used to ordering custom things like this: the last time I had a dress made for me it was my wedding dress (and it’s probably  a good thing that I wasn’t as in to Transformers then as I am now, otherwise that garment may have looked rather different!) So all the choices felt a bit overwhelming, but Mary-Jane was really helpful and encouraging, sending me of pictures of the different styles of dresses she makes and offering advice so that I could choose one that would really suit me and show off the fabric to its full advantage.

Sneaky peeky! Pow!

Sneaky peeky! Pow!

When the dress was finished, MJ messaged me to say it was done and to ask if I wanted to see pictures or wait for the surprise of seeing the finished garment in person. I went for the second option, because surprises are fun, but she did put just a sneak peek image up on her Facebook which got me even more excited!

When the finished garment arrived in the post (after a super-fast dispatch) I was not disappointed. It’s a lovely dress and it feels special to have had something made just for me in such an interesting vintage fabric. Now I’m just looking forward to the warmer months so I can wear it loads (and not just at Auto Assembly).

So, if you’re yearning for some geek fashion that is just that bit more unique then I’d heartily recommend checking out Mary-Jane’s Originals: I am thrilled with my dress and with MJ’s fun, funky, five star service.

Probably the only not-in -costume photos of me I'm ever going to share here!

Probably the only not-in -costume photos of me I’m ever going to share here!



3 thoughts on “Geek Fashion! My Kind of Dress: Vintage Fabric Transformers Sun Dress

  1. Cool dress and you look stunning in it. I’m a bit worried about the Soundwave placement though. What happens if someone tries to insert a cassette into the Decepticon whilst you are wearing it?


  2. You’re very kind. Thanks.

    Believe me, we made all kinds of dodgy jokes about the placement of Soundwave and the implications for his cassettes the first time I tried the dress on! You should see the other side of the back panel, it has a Megatron waving his gun arm around, um, yeah.

    Liked by 1 person

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