The Polar Opposite of a Weapon: Healing Ray-Guns

I strongly suspect that a large fraction of AddAltMode’s readers might have played Team Fortress 2. If you haven’t, then go and play it now: it’s free on Steam, which is also free. You only have to pay for the hats. One of the things that TF2 introduced me to was the Medic’s Medigun – a blunt and tubular ray-gun that shoots healing rays.

The “healing gun” is a popular trope in first-person and third-person shooters with a team element. It’s tidier and easier (and way less gory) than having a field medic perform realistic battlefield surgery. Your team’s medic just has to shoot you with his healing ray, and your health bar is filled right up – the heal ray is the very opposite of a weapon. Of course, this makes much more sense in games with heavy fantasy or hard sci-fi element…

No surprises here.

No surprises here.

Video games in the Transformers fandom are loaded with healing repairing rays: In War for Cybertron, there’s the Energon Repair Ray, a claw-tipped tubular ray-projector that restores the target’s energy shield. In the sequel Fall of Cybertron, members of the Scientist class have access to an ability simply called “Heal Ray”, which allows them to hold one hand aloft, brandishing a tiny blue sphere that emits healing rays onto team-mates. And in Transformers Universe, the various medics and healers had an array of heal-guns: rifles, pistols, spray-guns, and even a healing shotgun!

My favourite Autobot in the game, Meltdown, brandished a slow-but effective healing-ray the “Starstream Beam-Gun”, and combined this ability to heal his team-mates with some potent self-healing to be his teams effective “health insurance”… so I felt I had to immortalise Meltdown – or at least his beam-gun- by making this homage:


Just like the (un)real thing!

Just like the (un)real thing!

Which, when all printed up, looks like this:

To be honest, I don't think you need to be a Doctor to use one of these, it's just point and shoot.

To be honest, I don’t think you need to be a Doctor to use one of these, it’s just point and shoot.

Yeah, it's quite bulky for a Deluxe-sized transformer to wield, but that's not too bad a thing. It's not a heal-ray-pistol, after all.

Yeah, it’s quite bulky for a Deluxe-sized transformer to wield, but that’s not too bad a thing. It’s not a heal-ray-pistol…

Right-handed and left-handed version of each are, of course, available in my shapeways shop. I’m massively flattered that I’ve already have a couple of people “favourite” some of my products.

So, the next step is to paint it. I’m going to follow TFU’s lead, and paint it with a colour scheme that matches the colours of its wielder: in this case, since Ratchet will wield it, it’ll be primarily red and white for the armour plating, with the operative bits in gunmetal, and birght green for the glowy bits.

6 thoughts on “The Polar Opposite of a Weapon: Healing Ray-Guns

  1. When I used to play The Old Republic I used a Stormtrooper who would heal others with a beam weapon. Cool mechanic, although getting patched up by having a weapon aimed at you must be unnerving.


    • It seem a bit weird to be looking down the barrel of a heal-gun, but it got even wierder in Team Fortress when they introduced the Medic’s crossbow – it hurts enemies and heals team-mates. How do the missiles know?


  2. In Killing Floor, a co-op zombie survival game that I’m a tad obsessed with, I usually play as a field medic. If you aren’t perked high enough, you begin with just a syringe to inject people with health… It’s later in the game that you get an SMG with healing capabilities ((which I believe is just an off-fire ability to launch syringes at at people…))

    And remember children, if you are reading this… Do NOT play with needles! πŸ™‚

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    • I tend to gravitate towards support/healer roles in co-op games. The TF2 Medic has a crazy syringe gun but it’s just for attack not heals.

      There are so many DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME moments in games involving needles. Getting an adrenalin boost from the syringes you find in zombie-infested toilets in Left 4 Dead would definitely be on the list.


      • Yup, I know the Medic syringe gun! Was awesome firing that off πŸ˜›

        Add Bioshock to the list of “OH GOD WHY ARE YOU INJECTING YOURSELF WITH BEES?!” list πŸ™‚


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