Upcoming posts here on AddAltMode

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We like to update 3 times a week on AddAltMode, but unfortunately real life has got in the way of robot life a bit too much in the past week or so. How do all you amazing A-Z Challenge bloggers manage it?

Still we’re absolutely buzzing with ideas and are working on a number of posts, so don’t worry Ultra Magnus, we’ll be on schedule again very soon.

Posts coming soon include:

  • Robo Reads: a review of the genre’s greatest classic I Robot
  • Toy Reviews: (Combiner Wars Megatron should be arriving soon as well as some more funny little Arms Microns)
  • Some musings relating Transformers to the world of Numenera 
  • Top Tens: Vehicon deaths in Transformers Prime
  • New feature: CUGIBs (Criminally Underrated Geek Inspired Bands)
  • Custom Transformers: TFP Slipstream, TFP Skullcruncher, and the completion of the Mismatch project.
  • “Billy the Botcase”: a little DIY project
  • Plus, the big reveal of the finished TFA Slipstream cosplay. Not long now!

As a famous robot once almost said…..

We’ll Be Back!

3 thoughts on “Upcoming posts here on AddAltMode

  1. Aww, best of luck to you guys – Can’t wait to see more of your awesome posts soon! The way I see it: When life gets in the way, sort that out and the site can continue itself in the mean time 🙂

    Ooh, now since I’ve visited this site, I must remember to go get on with Deku Link this week. *Gets out my Expanding Foam gun, hot glue, rulers, wireframes and so much more junk to make stuff with*

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    • We just wanted to give ourselves a brief breather to build up some more content here and I’d rather say so than just go quiet. Thanks for your support! I love the Geek Blogging community we’ve found here on WordPress, such an encouraging place to be.

      I’m also working like crazy to finish Slipstream – nearly there but I’m very much in the final phase of being slightly fed up with the whole mammoth undertaking. I’m proud but I’ll also be glad when it’s done now, I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling. Good luck with Deku Link, I can’t wait to see how you get on! 🙂


      • Yeah, the community is buzzing! The more the merrier, it helps us all as bloggers and as individuals if we all support one another 🙂 Can’t wait for ya’ll to be ready to return.

        Deku Link. So far, so good… But it has been super tricky! Hope Slipstream stops making you fed up: Deku Link defeated me for time last year… I will defeat it this year 🙂 so far better than last year at least!!


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