Free Comic Book Day 2015 Part 1: Slipstream Cosplay

free-comic-book-daySo, Saturday 2nd May was Free Comic Book Day. How did you celebrate?

I just so happened to acknowledge the occasion by picking up some free comics. Funny that. Oh, and also by fighting Bumblebee over the bonnet of Barricade:

Living the Transformers dream!

Living the Transformers dream!

I know I’d said before that I was planning to make my Decepticon cosplay debut at DevCon at the end of May. But yeah, I lied. What other behaviour should you expect from a clone of Starscream? I heard a while back that one of our local comic shops, Moving Pictures, was doing an event for Free Comic Book Day that would include cosplay and also a chance to “meet” Barricade, or at least a car brilliantly done up to resemble the Decepticon’s alt-mode from the Michael Bay Transformer films. I’m not really a fan of Bayformers but I did think the Barricade police car looked pretty cool, and that having another Decepticon in town would be the perfect excuse to take Slipstream out for the first time.

So I decided if I could get the costume finished in time I’d go for it. I’ll admit that was slightly ambitious and that I was up until almost midnight the previous night finishing off the detailing, but I did it and I have to say I had an absolutely fantastic day, causing a geeky stir in Exeter city centre and making friends old and new.

Slipstream Cosplay by AddAltModeR.  Barricade courtesy of Mustang Hire Southwest

Slipstream Cosplay by AddAltModeR.
Barricade courtesy of Mustang Hire Southwest

Sadly, AddAltModeB couldn’t make the event as he had to work, so massive thanks are due to my pal Sadie for coming along to help me with the costume and for taking all these photos!

This post is going to be part 1 of 2 and will mostly comprise pictures of my costume and of Barricade. In Part 2, “Slipstream and Friends,” and I’ll share more pictures of the event – which was also raising money for ELF (Exeter Leukemia Fund) – and some of the great cosplayers I met.

So, here she is! Thanks to those of you who have followed me for the duration of this project, right through all the work in progress posts to get to this point. I will finish off the project side of things sometime soon with a post about how I made the missing costume components I haven’t yet covered (wings, jetpack, corset trim). But this is the end result. What do you think? I’m very proud to have finished it, and also somewhat relieved since this project has eaten all my free time (not to mention filled our whole spare room with foam and craft materials) for the last four months. Now it’s done I might actually make more progress in Borderlands 2! Although, that said, there are still a few little things I want to tweak and upgrade before DevCon… but for a first outing I’m pretty happy with how the costume has turned out, and I got a really great reaction from visitors and costumers alike.


Outside the shop of event organisers Moving Pictures (I didn't really fit inside it)

Outside the shop of event organisers Moving Pictures (I didn’t really fit inside it)



A few Barricade detail shots:



Bumblebee & Slipstream. There's probably fanfic about this out there somehwere...

Bumblebee & Slipstream. There’s probably fanfic about this out there somewhere…

Nobody who didn’t already know me recognised me as Slipstream but that was OK. She’s a minor character and I wouldn’t expect her to be known outside of a Transformers specific event. One person asked if I was Thundercracker, so that wasn’t too far astray. To be honest, though I was perfectly happy to have been recognised as “Lady Decepticon”  and even more flatteringly as “awesome Lady Decepticon” and, ahem, “hot Lady Decepticon!” The comment that made my day, however, was the little kid who asked me: “are you a real Transformer or just in a costume?” In reply, I asked him what he thought and he screwed up his whole face in thought before finally replying “costume.” So I had to admit that sadly he was correct and I wasn’t a real Transformer. It was a cute moment.

Stay tuned for Free Comic Book Day Part 2  – coming soon!

12 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2015 Part 1: Slipstream Cosplay

  1. Your costume is simply awesome! Well worth all your hours of commitment. Love it!!! Pity you can’t walk it around one of the US Transformers specific botcons… I imagine it would be the talk of the show if you could! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. There were several times when I really felt like giving up on this project but I’m so glad now that I stuck with it. It felt awesome to be out and about as Slipstream, I can’t wait for the next time!


    • Thanks! There’s a few things I want to improve but overall I’m really happy with how it came out. The biggest surprise was the boots because I was never totally happy with them but they actually look much better than I expected in the photos.


  2. I arrived in the Harlequin centre later than i’d hoped to, and unfortunately missed you. Your Slipstream costume is amazing, and i’d have loved to have seen it first hand! Also, no you don’t know me and yes I know who slipstream is, so i’m doubly sad I didn’t get to say ‘hey’!
    Hoping to cosplay some TF’s myself soon. Actually working on a Marvel UK Death’s Head cosplay currently. 🙂


    • Hey, thanks for commenting. I think we may have chatted a bit about Transformers before on the Devon Geek Group page. It’s a real shame we didn’t get to say hi in person on Saturday. I’ll definitely be out at some more events with Slipstream – the next will be DevCon on May 31st so perhaps see you then.

      Death’s Head is awesome! I’d love to see how you get on with that. I’ve sometimes thought about doing a Tuck cosplay myself (the more recent version of her where she actually wears some clothes!) Although having just finished Slipstream I can’t face the thought of any new builds, for a while a least!


  3. And I missed this post initially… And theres Slipstream! Well, you know how I feel about cosplay in general and how it’s been great fun seeing your trials and tribulations making this work. It was certainly worth the effort! 🙂 Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you kindly! For completeness I will get around to writing up the remaining work in progress post about the jetpack and wings (which were frustratingly tricky) some point soon.


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