DEVCON: May 2015

So, last Saturday was DEVCON, a sci-fi/comic convention that takes place in a lovely venue, the Guildhall, right in Plymouth city centre. I’d had a great time cosplaying Arcee at the Xmas Devcon last December, so I was really looking forward to heading back down there, this time as Slipstream of course….

Transformers Animated Slipstream Cosplay by AddaltmodeR. Photo by Damian Pudner:

Transformers Animated Slipstream Cosplay by AddaltmodeR.
Photo credit: Damian Pudner


Devcon is a fairly small convention but definitely  a thriving one, and there was plenty going on to keep us busy including a Magic the Gathering tournament and a rather cool giant Scalextric racing circuit, as well as the stalls and guests. It also has a really friendly, safe and supportive atmosphere and I was quite touched by the number of people who treated me like a long lost friend just because they liked my costume or remembered my Arcee!

Slipstream went down really well: I had many compliments on the costume and posed for loads of photos. There were quite a few Transformers fans in attendance so this time quite plenty of people knew exactly who I was and I had some great TF-related chats! Most the younger convention-goers thought I was Starscream (the kiddies are possibly a bit young to have seen much Transfomers Animated but hey I can live with that, and you know how much I like Starscream anyway, right?)

There was a cosplay competition, the first one I’ve entered. I didn’t win anything which didn’t surprise or disappoint me at all as I had no expectations really, but I’m glad I entered as I got a good reaction from the crowd when I went up to do my “Decepti-turn” and it was a nice opportunity to enjoy other people’s costumes. I have to admit  the competition was somewhat disorganised as I don’t think they were expecting quite so many entrants. At the last minute the organisers had to move the competition venue to outside the Guildhall in order to fit everyone in! So things got a little muddled. But being too popular is really a nice kind of problem to have and the whole event was still a lot of fun. On a personal note I was actually quite relieved that we ended up staging the competition outside because with all its foam, leather and synthetics, my Slipstream costume is hot and I found I could only manage so long inside the venue before I had to go outside to cool off!

Anyway, back to the competition: there were loads of great costume entries from people of all ages, and it’s wonderful to see that the cosplay scene in South West England is really thriving. I do think that it might have been fairer for the organisers to have imposed a few more restrictions or categories with regards to differentiating homemade and bought costumes, but this is a minor quibble and as Devcon is a rapidly growing event perhaps this is something that will be considered for the next one.

Still, no quibbles from me about the cosplay competition’s very worthy winner: I was glad to see the title of Geek King bestowed on my friend The Khorne Bezerker by Exeter Cosplay since his really is an incredible build. Here he is with another great Warhammer 40K cosplayer who was at Devcon….

I fear the Skull Throne is about to gain a new adornment

I fear the Skull Throne is about to gain a new adornment

We didn’t take that many photos this time but here are a few from round the convention, taken by B and Sadie:

A view of the main hall from upstairs

A view of the main hall from upstairs

Mario & Luigi watch the eternal war

Mario, Luigi and a tiny Superman watch the Eternal War


Meanwhile another battle is going on

Meanwhile another battle is going on….

And another! (This was different Bumblebee cosplayer from the one I posed with on Free Comic Book Day)

And another! (This was different Bumblebee cosplayer from the one I posed with on Free Comic Book Day)

Here are a couple of my favourite costumes from the day:

Fantastic Loki cosplay

Fantastic Loki cosplay

Ze Medic! I always love to see Team Fortress 2 cosplays and this one was so well done!

Ze Medic! I always love to see Team Fortress 2 cosplays!

Now some crowd shots from during the competition:


Storm and Gamora by the lovely Cosplay Sisters


I really loved the Ratchet and Clank cosplay, and the scary Five Nights at Freddies one (which deservedly came second in the competition)

DSC_2685 DSC_2686 DSC01615 DSC01616 DSC01617

Good times!

And go on then, a couple more of me:

Photo credit: Jenny Joppa Thornton

Photo credit: Jenny Joppa Thornton

Photo credit: Damian Pudner

Photo credit: Damian Pudner

So, what’s next for Addaltmode Cosplay?

Well, the quick answer is… definitely something! I’ve been bitten too hard by the cosplay bug to stop now.

In the short term, I hope to still have a bit more fun yet with Slipstream and Arcee, because having spent 5 months on a costume I think I’m allowed to wear it more than once! The next stop for them will be Unity Family Fun Day next month.

With regards to the next costume project, well… much as I’d love to get known as the “Crazy Transformer Lady” I’ve decided I’d like to tackle something slightly smaller in scale next time. I love my Autobot and Decepticon costumes very much but I can see the appeal of going to an event in a costume where my movement isn’t quite so impeded and which doesn’t fill up multiple huge bags and need a team of helpers to transport. So the next project will be a little smaller in scale but hopefully it will still be fun to make and wear and for others to see. The other advantage of having a less extreme costume where I don’t need someone else to dress me is that it will free up B to cosplay too, so yes our next project to going to be a paired cosplay and I’m very excited about the prospect of two of us cosplaying together!

Who are we going to be? Ha! I’m not telling you yet!  But feel free to make a guess (I’d love to know what you reckon we might do!) And stay tuned here for a new series of cosplay work in progress posts coming to Addaltmode pretty soon (and yes I’m aware I still owe you one about Slipstream’s wings and backpack, that’s coming too!)

8 thoughts on “DEVCON: May 2015

  1. I’ve never bumped into the UK Colonial Marines group – I hope I get to bump into them some day, hopefully in an outfit to match the quality of theirs! 🙂

    Great job on Slipstream though, these pictures show the amount of effort you’ve put into them and it’s simply amazing to look at them. From start to finish, too! Good job to you and that looks like it was a fantastic event!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The UKCM seem a fab bunch and their local members do so much for our geek scene, it’s great. Do watch out for them at future events. Speaking of which, one of the UKCM members has his own geek themed family fun day, Unity, happening in a few weeks: I’ll be there as either Slipstream or Arcee.

      The next DEVCON is in October:
      I know there’s always loads of stuff on in October but if you fancy coming down I’m sure there’d be room for a Deku Link or someone;)

      I just finished writing up the final ‘making of ‘ Slipstream post to go live in a few days. But I really wanted to thank Geek Out SW and you particularly. You’ve been so supportive of my cosplays and it’s been a massive boost, giving me the confidence to actually get this costume made and get out in it. So cheers! 🙂


      • I am going to have to see what I have going on! I have 3 upcoming conventions (Kitacon, Bristol anime con and cardiff too!) plus with Bristol Pride around the corner (with some MAJOR updates to a costume to fit the theme ;P) I have a looot happening. We’ll see though!

        No need to thank me. Thank yourself for getting started in cosplay – it’s one of the most inclusive hobbies I know of! But it helps when the quality of your builds are as amazing as they look. I am excited to see you and B cosplay together: we will have to figure when/where we will have a cosplay meetup for ourselves! 🙂


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