Salvador the Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2

Salvador the Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2

This is Salvador, a playable character in Borderlands 2, which is a mix of first-person shooter and RPG, the storyline of which is laced with a heavy dose of black comedy.

Unlike the other Vault Hunters, who came to the planet Pandora in search of riches, adventure or sanctuary from the law, Salvador is a local: born and bred in the lawless “borderlands” planets between the corporate-owned areas of the Six Galaxies. It’s evident to an attentive player that Salvador hasn’t gotten on well with the Hyperion Corporation during their recent efforts to take-over and “civilize” the planet: wanted posters for Salvador appear in many Hyperion-associated locations, alleging him to be guilty of to have done Manslaughter, Theft, Arson, Destruction of Property, Trespassing, Cannibalism, Public Indecency and Profanity.

Salvador is not necessarily my favourite character to play as in Borderlands 2, that honour goes to the Siren, Maya, a psychic warrior who can isolate an individual enemy in a hovering sphere of force, which allows all sorts of shenanigans and trickery. However, Salvador is by far the funniest character in the franchise. Furthermore, he’s a short, stocky chap with a beer gut and a scruffy beard. I can totally look like that. I already do.

AddAltModeR wanted to do a paired cosplay, and we just don’t have room to store any more foam-armoured Transformers outfits. She’s been itching to do her favourite Borderlands NPC Dr Patricia Tannis. So, Salvador was the only logical choice for me. Some aspects of Salvador’s look aren’t to hard to emulate. A torn, dirty orange T-shirt worn over a cleaner, better-maintained white one won’t be hard to find, and skull belt-buckle and union-jack pin badge aren’t going to be too taxing. The only hard part of Salvador’s look are his uniquely “Gunzerker” attributes. He carries two SDUs (that’s Storage Deck Units – the high-tech Bags of Holding that let Salvador carry around the literally thousands of bullets and half-dozen heavy guns that he carries at all times.)

Yeah, I like the Titan class. Who doesn't like doing damage with their guns? That's what guns are for.

Salvador’s SDUs also serve as the visible signature of any class-mods used in-game. I’ll need to make two of these.

He also wears a shield on his belt, which I’ll have to model.

Of course I like this one. Look at the name.

This is a nice simple shield design. Some of the other shields have all sorts of tabs and handles and spikes and doodads.


Finally, if I’m going to any cons dressed as Salvador, I’ll need two massive guns. It has to be two because Salvador’s special ability is “Gunzerking” – wielding a two-handed gun in each hand, whilst rampaging about laughing maniacally. I haven’t finalised my weapon choices yet – but I’m thinking about going for a bandit-made shotgun and a Torgue corporation combat rifle, since those two manufacturers have the most obviously “Borderlands” aesthetics.

Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka!

A “Room-Clener” (sic) three-barrelled bandit shotgun (top) and a Torgue Combat Rifle (bottom).

Who could resist the urge to wield a weapon designed by a man called “Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington” that turns any ordinary bullets loaded into it into self-propelled exploding gyrojets?


Hopefully, I can get all this built, and R can complete her Tannis project, in time for the autumn cons.


  1. I didn’t get far into Borderlands 2 because I suck at FPS games. Not even using the newbie friendly mechomancer helped.


    • Were you playing solo? I’m not great at FPS myself (although I love them and have got much better over the years) but I do find Borderlands is a different game – easier and much more enjoyable – played with a friend or two than it is solo.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, that may will be it. I played solo and once online with random people who were speaking Spanish.


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