Chiptune Tuesday: Rainbowdragoneyes

Welcome to Chiptune Tuesday! Some purveyors of chip music are creating soundtracks for retro video-games, some are inspired by video games, and some are artistic minimalists. Some however, just want to rock out. Rainbowdragoneyes belongs in the last category: fusing chiptunes with extreme metal to create a unique, headbanger-friendly chipthrash.

Gameboy ist Kvlt!

Not the logo of an artist who can be reasonably accused of taking himself over-seriously.

Describing how a mix of chiptunes, death metal and Euro-dance sounds when put together isn’t easy, so I’ll cheat. Here’s the video to “The Blade Chose Me” – released originally on Uentitled, but re-released this year on The Secret Mirror.

Let’s face it, I’d pick up a sword like that in the woods if I happened to pass one – especially if it was making ringing sounds at me. If it gives me perfect corpsepaint and a free cloak, then getting fire-related magic powers is just a bonus.

Team AddAltMode saw Rainbowdragoneyes last October, on Alestorm’s Piratefest tour. He put on an excellent live show for a one-man-band, then hung out in the bar afterwards. He came across as a really nice, really genuine chap. Considering the number of misery-guts kvlties whose music I enjoy, it’s nice to meet an artist who’s a nice dude.

RBD’s music can be bought from his bandcamp page, or you can pick it up on cassettes sold in Gameboy-esque boxes from the merch stall at one of his live shows.

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