Mismatch: A figure custom inspired by Transformers Universe: Part 4

So, I’ve been on-and-off this project for ages, putting it on the back burner whenever anything urgent came up, but finally, it’s looking like we can call it finished:

Mismatch: “I feel… better than new!”

New Face

OK, there have been a few changes since I last posted about Mismatch, firstly, I remade the head. My first attempt was too boxy, and the spikes and chin-pieces were too thick. I started again from almost from scratch — only keeping the neck and ball-joint — in order to make something that looked more screen-accurate.

Let’s get a close-up of the new face:

Sunset BVLD, lol.

“All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my closeup.”

Can you spot the subtle seam where I stitched two Blender screenshots together? Of course you can!

Here’s the digital sculpt. Yeah, I seriously upped my game the second time around, because the first time looked great until I printed it up. The chin parts were the most difficult.

Since the last time that I posted about Mismatch I haven’t just resculpted the face. I’ve also painted Mismatch’s body which turned out to be a mammoth task. Firstly, he needed a thorough wash: mould-release agent that is left on the toy as a residue of the manufacturing process can mess up any attempts to paint him, then he needed priming (Citadel Imperial Primer), which took a while – the black and silver plastic took the primer well with only one coat, but the yellow plastic needed three coats. It was a real struggle to get the paint to stick. After he was primed, I painted his green and purple areas with Games Workshop paints. I’d recommend these over the Daler Rowney acrylics I’ve used previously —  they do cost a lot more, and come in tiny pots, but they’re well worth it. I used Moot Green, Abbadon Black and Genestealer Purple for the car parts, and the exposed metal bits were Leadbelcher. The Green areas had a heavy wash of Athonian Camoshade ink, with a thinner wash of diluted Nuln Oil ink.

Vehicle Mode

here's what the result looks like in car mode. The supercharger is attached using the 5mm post-hole on the bonnet.

Here’s what the result looks like in car mode. The supercharger is attached using the 5mm post-hole on the bonnet.

Wait, what? The spikier one is the Autobot?

Here’s Mismatch next to an unmodified Beast Hunters Bumblebee (which was the base figure I used for this custom).

He's a dirty, dirty bot.

Top view nicely showcases how dirty Mismatch looks.

I didn’t want a clean paint finish for Mismatch, since he’s supposed to be a filthy scavenger, happily digging through refuse and waste for that which less ruthless bots leave behind, and tearing apart the carcasses of the dead for spare parts. A cannibalistic monster like that doesn’t waste time making himself look pretty. Actually, this was pretty fortunate, because with the problems I had priming the yellow plastic, I would never manage a clean finish anyway.

Tsche-Chu-Chu-Chu-Tsche: Time for Robot Mode

So, let’s look at robot mode.

This cannibal robot was brought to you by the number

Here in robot mode, with his Rotaron Saws, with are used for combat, corpse dissection, and scratching hard-to-reach itches. The Decepticon sigil was added with a Reprolabels sticker.

The saws peg onto his forearms using the 5mm holes designed for Bumblebee’s blasters, encase most of his forearm and hand, and end in large spinning blades. In keeping with Mismatch’s in-game appearance, I’ve painted them to look filthy.

SRS robot!

Get a look at that lower torso, and the shoulder spikes. They’re stock Bumblebee parts, but they’re almost perfect.

I'm aiming for the low-to-the-ground run he does in the trailer.

Since he’s got nice big feet, he stand quite well in the kind of “loping” poses that suit Mismatch. The way he runs in his trailer is kind of ape-like and low to the ground.

Here’s a close-up of one of those saws:

I saw Esau, and get Esau's innards all over the place...

Rotaron Saw attached to Mismatch’s left arm.

The saws aren’t perfect, and I might come back to them at some point in the future to improve them, but they evoke the in-game weapon really nicely, albeit in reduced detail.

The Future

Mismatch is looking great now, and I’m happy to display hi as-is, but he’s not perfect. At some point, I will probably add some gunmetal detailing to his shins, which are plain black, and I’ll probably re-do his saws. For now, though, he can stand among the other Prime Decepticons in the display cabinet, and look great whilst doing that.

6 thoughts on “Mismatch: A figure custom inspired by Transformers Universe: Part 4

    • Thanks!
      I do have another TFU-related project underway, but I won’t be using renders from the game. That’s shaky legal ground; on top of which, it skips around most of the challenge, and where’s the fun in that?


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