Transformers Animated Slipstream: cosplay photos from Auto Assembly 2015

To round off our week of posts about Auto Assembly 2015, here are the official photos of me cosplaying as Slipstream, taken by the talented Dean Stead Photography.  I’m really happy with how these came out; they’re probably the best shots I’ve seen so far in terms of showing off the costume.

AddAltModeR as Decepticon Slipstream. Taken during the cosplay parade at Auto Assembly 2015

AddAltModeR as Decepticon Slipstream. Taken during the cosplay parade at Auto Assembly 2015

More photos after the cut…

I briefly explained the rationale of my sign in our convention review. It’s a protest against one of the new characters in the Robots in Disguise 2015 cartoon. The Samurai Autobot Drift has two minicon deployers, Jetstorm and Slipstream. They’re both quite fun characters and I think Drift joining the core cast of Bumblebee’s crew has done a lot to improve the show. We should all be used to Hasbro reusing names and re-imagining characters, but I still thought it was possibly a jump too far to go from Slipstream as a purple and teal femme Decepticon Seeker to a red and yellow pint-sized male Autobot. Worst of all, the little red guy has already had more lines and more screen time in RID 2015 than my favourite femme ever got in Transformers Animated!

Compare the Slipstreams: Decepticon femme or Autobot minicon?

Compare the Slipstreams: Decepticon femme or Autobot minicon?

It was fun to find so many people agreed with my preference of Slipstream! Seeker all the way folks!

Auto Assembly-301

The lady doth protest too much

Auto Assembly-304

Those who’ve followed my work on this costume from the start might be able to see the changes I’ve made to the gloves and blasters in this pic

Auto Assembly-276

Slipstream vs movie universe Ironhide

I hope you like the pics! Taking her to Auto Assembly did feel like Slipstream’s crowning moment. I’m not retiring the costume quite yet (in a month or two she might be making an appearance at a South West Game store to celebrate the release of the new Transformers Devastation game) but I do feel like I’ve done most of what I wanted to do with this costume now and it’s been a great ride! I will be concentrating on my in-progress Borderlands Dr. Tannis costume in the short term but I’d be lying if I said another robot rig wasn’t on the cards eventually. This stuff is kind of addictive.

4 thoughts on “Transformers Animated Slipstream: cosplay photos from Auto Assembly 2015

  1. Love this costume. It really holds its own and you should be so proud of what you’ve achieved so far with it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing it evolve.
    I agree with you – Drift’s minicon definitely shouldn’t be using the name Slipstream. There are plenty of other names they could have used, AND then Slipstream would have had the potential to show up… I’d like to see a Windblade/Slipstream dogfight!
    I hope you have time to come up with another cosplay for the new UK con rumoured to be headed your way (well Birmingham) next year!


    • It’s been such a fun ride with Slipstream thanks for following the journey!

      I didn’t understand why they went with Slipstream for the minicon. I would guess the bottom line is to do with trademarking: I know Hasbro lose the license on names if they aren’t used for so long so it’s probably something like that but if they wanted to get the name in use again I just wish they’d put the Seeker character in an episode: Slipstream vs Windblade would be amazing!

      Yes TFNation sounds like it’s aiming to fill the AA void pretty directly. I’ve put myself on the mailing list for this so it’ll be interesting to hear how it develops.


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