Hello October: creepy content incoming!

October has to be one of the best months of the year, not only does it bring us many of the most strikingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it also usually provides plenty to see and do for fun-loving geeks. The local convention circuit is in full swing and it’s also the time of year when many bands have recovered sufficiently from the summer festival run to head out on a proper tour, so October usually brings a few gigs to look forward to as well. This year is no exception; B and I are hugely looking forward to seeing the legendary Alice Cooper live later this month! And then of course there is Hallowe’en, also known as the annual non-convention-related excuse for putting on a silly costume, as if an excuse was needed!

Photo by Dennis Taufenbach

Photo courtesy of Dennis Taufenbach

Speaking of excuses, the imminent approach of the spookiest day of the year seems like as good a reason as any to do what I’m sure many in the WordPress community will be doing this month, that is, sharing some posts of a more scary/horror themed nature. To get in the mood for Hallowe’en we’ll be discussing some of our favourite spooky music and literature as well as tackling the burning questions of the day such as:

  • batWhich Magic the Gathering cards have the scariest art?
  • Which Transformers cartoon episodes are the spookiest?
  • Which rat-inspired Hallowe’en decorations/props are most offensively un-ratlike?


Our Creepy Countdown posts will be interspersed among some of the more regularly themed content we’ve got planned for AddAltMode during the coming month, so watch out for the bat image, then you know things are getting spooky.  Join us… if you dare!

2 thoughts on “Hello October: creepy content incoming!

    • We saw Alice live in Bristol a few years ago now and he was incredible: such a great stage show but he’s not just a gimmick performer, he has the absolute classic songs to go with the circus stuff. I can;t wait to see him again. We’re not worthy indeed! 🙂

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