Artist spotlight: Natephoenix

If you’re both eagle-eyed and a regular follower of this blog then you may have noticed that a month or so back my Gratavar profile picture changed from a head shot image of Slipstream screencapped from one of her far-too-infrequent appearances in the Transformers Animated cartoon, to the rather more stylishly composed image of her I’m currently using.

The new picture is a bit special because it was done just for me by the artist Natephoenix, and it’s really about time that I shared the full artwork in all its glory…

Slipstream by Natephoenix. Commissioned for AddAltModeR

Slipstream by Natephoenix. Commissioned for AddAltModeR

Check below the jump for more about the artist and his work…

I first met Nate thanks to our shared love for a certain franchise. He narrowly missed meeting me-as-Slipstream in person on Free Comic Book Day, but having seen the photographs he contacted me via Facebook to express his appreciation for my costume and for female Transformers more generally.

It was when I came back from Auto Assembly – having spent the weekend soaking up so much great Transformers art – that I started thinking how nice it would be to have a Slipstream piece of my own. I’d admired Nate’s TF fanart in the past – he’s done a particularly characterful MTMTE Rodimus – and knowing he shared my love for Starscream’s bitchiest clone I’d been thinking of asking for a commission of her. Then as it happened Nate posted on his Facebook a list of projects he’d really like to work on including drawing me as Slipstream! Some things are just meant to be.

I really like the way the final piece is clearly based on Slipstream’s appearance in TFA but also incorporates elements that are more specifically derived from my costume, such as the on/off buttons on her blasters and the slightly curvier, more humanised shape of the legs. It’s a lovely tribute to a great character and to all the fun I’ve had building and wearing the costume.

About the Artist:

Self portrait sketch by Natephoenix

Self portrait sketch by Natephoenix

Based in Devon, UK, Natephoenix (Nate Hammond) is a webcomic creator, freelance comic artist and illustrator and – in his own words – “a giant nerd.” No surprises there then and who’d have it any other way.

Webcomics:  Like zombies? Everyone likes zombies, right? Nate has produced the Jazz and Jess webcomic, which features plenty of  bite-sized does of undead action. The comic ran for a whopping 8 almost years and although the individual website for this comic has now died, the comic itself is far from dead: you can still view all the pages over on Nate’s deviantART site and he’s also planning a spin off called Bump in the Night.

Reproduced with permission from the artist

Page 160 from Jazz and Jess by Nate Phoenix

Warbotron: Nate worked on the line-art for the pack in comic for the 3rd party Transforming robot toy Fierce Attack by Warbotron (part of their totally-not-Bruticus combiner). Check out the pages here.

Transformers Fan Art: I love how much great fanart of Transfomers characters there is out there, and Nate’s galleries are no exception. He’s done a lot of nice work on female characters including Windblade (see below) and Elita-One so obviously that earns a big thumbs up from me. While clearly a huge fan of the style of the IDW comics (and these are the now best place to for female Transformer appreciation) Nate has drawn Transformers in various continuity styles over the years. Another favourite of mine, and further evidence that my Slipstream commission would be in safe hands with Nate, is his really fun version of the three original Seekers.  Deceptilove!

Seekers by Natephoenix, reproduced with permission

Transformers fanart: Seekers by Natephoenix

Windblade by Natephoenix; reproduced with permission

Transformers IDW Windblade, fanart by Natephoenix


Nate is available for commissions – and not just of Transformers either – and also has a Patreon account so do check out the links below:


Further links:

Natephonenix on Deviant Art

Natephoenix on Facebook

Natephoenix’s Patreon.


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