Awesome music video: The Speed of Light

Hi Internet! Regular readers will know that here at AddAltMode we like video games and heavy metal. This means that the video for “Speed of Light” from this year’s new Iron Maiden Album The Book of Souls is extremely relevant to our interests:

Wow! First impression: this video is pretty fun. The way it begins with nostalgic nods to the old-school and works its way up in sophistication to the present day, whilst staying engaged with the same broad themes, is actually a great metaphor for Iron Maiden’s musical career.

Secondly, the video is amazingly dense with in-jokes and references for Iron Maiden fans. I had a merry old chuckle at dozens: I spotted visual references to the covers of the albums Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number of the Beast, Powerslave, Live After DeathNo Prayer For the Dying, and A Matter of Life and Death. There are posters advertising Trooper beer in the city, and the names of band-members in the high-score the arcade machine lists. I’m sure there are plenty more that attentive viewers can find.

And she's got no feelings, they died long ago. Don't she care who she let in?

And what’s the betting that this lass’s name is Charlotte?

So yeah, this video is pretty awesome, especially if you’re already a fan of Iron Maiden. Not an Iron Maiden fan? *Sneers* Get out, we don’t need your kind here.

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