Geeky Christmas Decorations

Once more the tinsel-clad juggernaut has rolled into town and Christmas time is almost upon us. I’m not religious but I am always grateful for the twinkling lights and good cheer of the festive season as a way to break up the darkest winter days because few things are more depressing than having to walk to work and walk home again both times in darkness.  This year, however, I’m rather less excited about the holiday than I have been on many other years because unfortunately AddaltmodeB has to work until late on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We’ll be doing our proper family Christmas on Boxing Day and I’m looking forward to that. It won’t be quite the same but B works for the NHS and I appreciate that nobody chooses to be ill and hospitals can’t just magically close for public holidays.  So here on Addaltmode we may have a few seasonal inspired posts for you over the coming week or so – and this is one such post. But I hope you’ll appreciate that we’re not going to go overboard on the Christmas stuff because it’s hard to feel truly festive with so much work on the agenda.

Optimus has got his hat on

Optimus is more ready for season than we are.

My absolute favourite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. We have a lot of individual baubles and trinkets on our tree, some tasteful, some tacky, and it’s always a delight to open the boxes, unroll the bubblewrap and reconnect with these festive knick-knacks after they’ve been in storage for eleven months. I tend to buy a couple of new decorations each year and these little bits and pieces are surprisingly powerful receptacles of memories. Hanging them up once again is a nice way to remember when and where I got them: the shopping trip with my parents, the stall at a convention, the gift from a rarely seen relative. The older decorations also remind me how far we’ve come, recalling mine and B’s first Christmases together many years ago now when we could only fit a few trinkets on the spindly branches of our miniature tree in the damp and weirdly-shaped flat that was our first home together.

Recently Diana from the Part-Time Monster blog did a wonderful post about Christmas decorations and the memories attached to them. I very much echo her sentiment that “the ornaments are like old friends, little tangible reminders of our interests and our life.”   B and I can’t quite match the level of Diana’s very cool Star Trek and Star Wars tree ornaments we do have some fairly geeky stuff amongst our festive branches. Here are a couple of my favourites…


Our house is filled with robots all year round but Christmas seems like a great excuse to cram in a couple more. I got these retro style robot ornaments a few years back in Paperchase. I bought them as a joke for B because he’s never really shared my enthusiasm for dressing the tree so I thought it might encourage him if I found some baubles more relevant to his interests. Did it work? Well, who couldn’t love those little square faces but whether he likes them or not they’re definitely among my festive favourites!

We are the robots

We are the robots.

Bots on the tree

Bots on the tree.

The question arises, of course, what have robots actually got to do with Christmas? The answer is “nothing” but then again are they really any less on theme than the profusion of penguins that tend to appear this time of year? I’ve never understood that association, I mean, I guess it’s the snow thing but it almost never snows at Christmas here and where many penguins live it tends to be snowy most of the the time anyway so they’re hardly a Christmas creature. I do have a few penguins on the tree too I’ll confess – but don’t even get me started on Christmas owls!

In fact, non-festive festive ornaments have become a bit of a theme in our household now, which leads me on to…


All hail Blingosaurus: king of “why is this even a Christmas thing” Christmas things. This guy is huge, and he’s actually far too big to hang on our tree, so he hangs off the book shelf above B’s desk instead.

What could be more festive than a dangling dino

What could be more festive than a dangling dino?

Not-Sludge (Fansproject's Columpio) makes a new friend

Transformer for scale: not-Sludge (Fansproject’s Columpio) makes a new friend.

Forget stockings, it’s not Christmas Chez Addaltmode until the dino has been hung!

What does a dinosaur have to do with Christmas? Do you have any awesome tree ornaments that are even more tenuous in their festive connections? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts…

3 thoughts on “Geeky Christmas Decorations

  1. No worries, I’m not feeling the whole Christmas vibe at all either. I should consider myself lucky since both The Boy and I are off Wed-Fri, but those are our normal off days anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if we play WoW all three days, try to order pizza on the 25th, then get confused why everything is closed.

    All the best to you guys anyway, hopefully you can muster up a bit more holiday spirit than we can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m seriously considering attempting a marathon of the whole 6 episodes of the Telltale Game of Thrones game during the afternoon B is at work. Nothing like violence, intrigue and poor decision making to get you in the festive mood, right? 😉

      Thanks and best wishes to both of you too. A few days off are always welcome, festive or otherwise. Judging by your awesome recipes I’m sure you’ll have some nice food over that time anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

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