Geeky Christmas Decorations 2: Goblin Dreams Haul

In my last post about Geeky Christmas decorations I explained that I try to pick up one or two new unusual new tree ornaments each year. Well, December 2015 might be somewhat lacking in overall festive anticipation, but in this respect at least I haven’t broken tradition. This year’s acquisition for the Addaltmode tree, has now arrived and gone straight to the top of my list of favourite decorations. He’s flying the geek flag pretty high too….

Meet Potatox*:

Dragon Christmas bauble by Goblin Dreams

Dragon Christmas bauble by Goblin Dreams

Isn’t he lovely? This little guy is handmade by the talented Nici and Marc a local duo who run an ”Emporium of Shiny Curiosities” called Goblin Dreams. I’d bought jewellery and craft supplies from them before when I’ve seen their stall at local comic conventions. And I’d always admired their handmade dragons, who appear in all sorts of adorable and geeky guises, from fairly classic mythical reptilian poses right through to Doctor Who and Ghostbuster dragons, even an Aliens-inspired chest-burster dragon (who has no right to be that cute!) Goblin Dreams recently hosted an online market via their Facebook page and when I saw some festive dragons were available it seemed the perfect opportunity to treat myself.

But wait, there’s more… I think Goblin Dreams might just have helped me answer the conundrum I posed last time: what’s the least appropriate but most geekily awesome festive decoration?

Drum roll please…

Here we go then, geek points, non-festive points and stylish design points to boot. Without further ado I present to you…

Goblin Dream’s Game of Thrones Christmas Decorations!

Game of Thrones decorations from Goblin Dreams

Game of Thrones decorations from Goblin Dreams

I’m a big fan of both George R.R. Martin’s novels and the HBO show which has now diverged into entirely its own thing. I spotted these hilarious wooden decorations for sale during the Goblin Dreams online market when I bought the dragon and was sorely tempted but then I thought “no, fun as they are, maybe that’s one non-festive step too far?”

But some things are clearly just fated to be. Each day during the market Nici and Marc hosted a random giveaway. The day the above Game of Thrones decorations were up for grabs I entered, because why not, and then only went and won them didn’t I?  That was a nice surprise!

So now the Addaltmode Christmas collection includes robots, dinosaurs, dragons and white walkers! How are we going to top that in 2016?

You can check out more lovely things by Goblin Dreams on their website and Facebook page.


*Potatox? Uh, yeah. Tell me you still give random names to ornaments and objects too? I’m not the only one old enough to know better who still does this am I? When the little dragon arrived I asked B what we should name him and he said “potato”  (which is his standard “whatever” response to weird questions). Running with it, I said that “Potato” didn’t sound quite mythical enough. As every bad fantasy author knows, any name can be made more legendary with a liberal scattering of high-scoring Scrabble letters. So Potatox it is.

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