I’ve Renamed my Shapeways Shop

We’ve not been posting much this week, after seven days in a row for Bruticus Week, we thought we’d let you bask in his majesty whilst we recover.

So, I’d been thinking about how I needed a better name for my shapeways shop, when inspiration jumped out on me from the pages of More Than Meets The Eye.

Image belongs to IDW and Hasbro.

Weapons Designer, Eccentric and self-declared “Ship’s Genius”, Brainstorm, from MTMTE #2.

What better name for a collection of accessories (mostly weapons) made for Transformers toys than that of a prolific and legendarily-skilled (if a little narcissistic and maybe a little bit bonkers) weapon-smith? So the shop is called Brainstorm’s Workshop.

Coming in the new year to the workshop, I’ll finish the modular weapons project, I’ve got a couple of weapons modelled after video-game guns on the way, and some more exotic bladed mêlée weapons that have only appeared in comics and books. Finally, for Easter, I’ll have project involving eggs… and faces… and tentacles….

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