Guilty Or Innocent? Easter Craft Eggs into Quintessons…

Happy Easter: let’s catch up with a little modelling project that I’d planned to have finished for Easter, but sadly real life… and a Steam Sale… intervened.

I (AddAltModeB) picked up some “Easter Craft Eggs” from my local crafting shop a while back. AddAltModeR asked my what Earthly purpose I could have for acrylic plastic eggs, and I replied that she’d haev to wait and see. After only a moment’s thought, she said that I must be modelling the Quintesson Judges from Transformers: The Movie… she knows me so well.

"Quick stretch out your tentacles to look big, maybe we'll scare the Decepticon away!"

Galvatron meets some Quintessons, from The Transformers, episode 69.

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We Aten’t Dead

Aten't Dead

*blows away cobwebs*… Hello, Internet! We’ve been a bit quiet of late here at AddAltMode, due to some health issue followed by being super busy on a couple of projects. We’ll be back up here as soon as we’re ready, but in the meantime, anyone who is at Bristols’ Optimus convention on the 9th of April, look out for us, since we’ll be there. We’ll be in costume, but if you think MTMTE, you’ll find us with no trouble.