We Aten’t Dead

Aten't Dead

*blows away cobwebs*… Hello, Internet! We’ve been a bit quiet of late here at AddAltMode, due to some health issue followed by being super busy on a couple of projects. We’ll be back up here as soon as we’re ready, but in the meantime, anyone who is at Bristols’ Optimus convention on the 9th of April, look out for us, since we’ll be there. We’ll be in costume, but if you think MTMTE, you’ll find us with no trouble.

3 thoughts on “We Aten’t Dead

  1. Shame I won’t be at Optimus – But I hope you guys have a blast! Take lots of piccies and let us know how it’s gone!

    Meanwhile, I’m almost done already with my Raver Pikachu outfit (… I have no idea why I decided to drop all costumes with 2 weeks before a convention and make a Raver Pikachu, called Raveachu, but there we go. I did and it’s almost done! \o/ This has been satisfying)

    Cosbloggers unite! *Flies in for a pose*

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    • Yeah, it’s a shame you won’t be at Optimus. We’ll take as many pictures as our gloved hands will allow. I suspect it’ll be me behind the lens, since R’s Rodimus outfit has arm-mounted exhaust pipes…

      Regarding Ravechu, sometimes you have to go where the passions take you. 😉


      • Ask some locals to take pics! A few of our meetup guys and girls are gonna be there :)!

        Bizarre they have taken me to… Rave..? I mean I am primarily a metalhead!! 😛


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