Toy Review: Combiner Wars Legends class Shockwave

Remember back in January when we ran our Bruticus Week feature? Well, here’s Bruticus Week Redux, because, yes, it’s taken this long for us to acquire the final piece of that particular Combaticon puzzle: Bruticus’s gun, who comes in the form of a Legends class Shockwave. This dinky Decepticon has proven frustratingly tricky to source and, much as we wanted him, we weren’t prepared to pay the ridiculous scalper prices for which we’d seen him going. So we had a bit of wait to find him for a reasonable rate. Still, here we go at last: Bruticus Week Day 8: the Day Everyone Got Shot.

Looking down the barrel of a gun / Son of a gun, son of a bitch / Getting paid, getting rich

Pew! Pew!

Was he worth the wait? The only logical choice is to read on and see…

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Toy Meets World Magazine: Brand New Old School Cool!

Today we’re taking a peek at a brand new magazine on the geeky block, Toy Meets World!  This shiny print publication is clearly an immense labour of love (and probably blood, sweat and tears too, because a project like this is one hell of an undertaking) from the good folks behind the Toy Meets World Blog. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I picked up any kind of glossy-print magazine so the leafing through this bumper debut issue managed to be at once a satisfyingly novel experience and a blast from the past in more ways than one…

Rodimus is a big fan!

Rodimus is a big fan!

Check out our further thoughts on why you should check out this magazine!

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Dovah-cookery: Skyrim-inspired cooking

Lots of the food in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, (a game which I’m sure needs no introduction from me) looks remarkably appetizing.

Good grief; that salmon steak looks almost real.

Salmon Steak, Seared Slaughterfish and a “Homecooked Meal” look particularly nice, assuming you’re not vegetarian.

But there’s one food above the others that impressed me in Skyrim, though for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on why: Grilled leeks!

Here they are, in all their crispy glory.

Here they are, in all their crispy glory.

You can buy Grilled Leeks from from almost any tavern in Skyrim, and find them on plates in dungeons and fortresses. For some reason, though, the Dovahkiin (player character) can never master the recipe.

Well, I decided that I needed to exceed my Dovahkiin’s cookery skills; since grilled leeks looked so nice in Skyrim, I would learn to cook them for real… Continue reading

Book Review: Beautiful Intelligence by Stephen Palmer

Robo Reads

Title:  Beautiful Intelligence
Author: Stephen Palmer
Publisher: infinity plus
Date: 2015

Quotation: “For the nexus was heavy. It bore down on humanity, never sleeping, spying into every crevice – no respecter of privacy, which was a ridiculous, old-fashoned concept anyway.”

One of the many things I enjoyed about this dystopian novel was its pacing, which manages somehow to be ponderous and frenetic at the same time. Palmer’s examination of the different potential pathways for creating sentient machines, and his wider meditations on environmental collapse, on the perils of religion and on the consequences of the modern networked life as an over-sharing cult of extrovert personality are thoughtfully rendered, expressed in passionate terms that could feel overly didactic if they weren’t constantly interrupted by the pure adrenalin rush of the book’s many heart-thumping chase scenes.  It’s a great mix of deliberation and danger.

Beautiful Intelligence book cover

Beautiful Intelligence book cover

This duality permeates the whole book. Palmer’s tone mixes the colloquial and the clinical while his narrative flits between two fugitive researchers, each employing different strategies not only to create a sentient machine intelligence but also to evade recapture by their former employer…

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Rodimus and Brainstorm go to Optimus Con, Bristol

The weekend of April 9-10th was Optimus Con, held at the UWE Exhibition and Conference centre in Bristol. B and I went along for the day on the Saturday and had a great time. Our original cos-plans for this event had been to give a second airing to our Borderlands Tannis and Salvador costumes, but that was before I got utterly obsessed with working on our Transformers MTMTE-inspired human(ish) Rodimus and Brainstorm cosplay. These only really needed to be finished in time for TFNation, which isn’t until August, but once I started building and sewing these I got so into the project that I just wanted to work until they were done. So I figured I’d set myself an earlier deadline and get a few wears out of them before the Summer’s big robot party. And hey, what’s an event called Optimus without some good old Transformers representation anyway?

MTMTE Brainstorm and Rodimus, cosplay by Addaltmode

MTMTE Brainstorm and Rodimus, cosplay by Addaltmode

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Video Game Review: Endless Legend

From the Oxford English Dictionary entry for “epic”:

adj. 2 Heroic or grand in scale or character:

  • his epic journey around the world
  • a tragedy of epic proportions

adj. 2.1 informal Particularly impressive or remarkable:

  • That gig last night was epic

“Epic” is an adjective that gets bandied about with irksome regularity these days; just this morning I overheard a colleague rhapsodising that the fish and chips he had last night were “epic”. So it’s a nice change of pace to actually be able to use it appropriately.

Look at the little dragons and armies! =)

Endless Legend’s Splash image from the Steam Store.

Endless Legend is a 4X strategy game (of the ilk of the Civilization series) made by a firm called Amplitude Studios, and set in a science-fantasy universe, with asymmetrical victory conditions and unique player factions. It is, quite frankly, epic, both in the sense that it is grand in scale, and in the sense that it’s really quite impressive. Continue reading

Off to Optimus…

Hi folks! It’s been a while hasn’t it? We had such great plans for this blog at the start of the year and precisely none of it has come to fruition. Apologies for that. The truth is I’ve had a few health problems this year and I just didn’t have the energy to blog for a couple of months so I had to give myself a break. Sometimes in life you just have to admit that you can’t do it all and give yourself permission to take a step back. It’s a healthy thing to do but – if your personality is anything like mine – often a very tough call to make. I’m doing a lot better now, though, and am keen to get typing here again so hopefully our normal geeky service will resume here soon.

I may not have been blogging, but I certainly haven’t been idle in the past couple of months. Rather, it’s been full steam ahead when it comes to cosplay creation. I’ve been working on our humanised Transformers More Than Meets The Eye costumes. These are really for TFNation but I figured it might be fun to finish them well in advance of that gathering and take them out to a few other events too…. starting tomorrow. So if you’re heading to Bristol’s Optimus Con on Saturday then do watch out for B and I as we début our Brainstorm and Rodimus respectively. These cosplays are a bit more stylised than my Slipstream or Arcee costumes but I had a blast making them and I hope they’re true to the much-loved characters if not to every aspect of their design. I’ll be posting photos and also a bit more of a ‘cosbloggy’ write up on the trials and tribulations of #ProjectMTMTE after the event.

But in the meantime, if you’re heading over to Optimus do watch out for us and come and chat if you see us! You never know, I may even award you a Rodimus Star

2016-04-06 17.32.44

Yes I have spent most of the past week brandishing scissors and sticky-back plastic!