MTMTE Voice Acting

How do all these 'bots sound when they speak?

How do all these ‘bots sound when they speak?

AddAltmodeR and I have a little thing we like to do with the IDW Transformers comics, particularly More Than Meets The Eye, Windblade and the Dark Cybertron crossover comic: we like to read it to each other, sat on our sofa or in bed, whilst putting on voices for each character. We’re like a home-grown (and markedly less skilled) version of the Audio Knights Theatre, the group who make the podcasts of people reading comics (and whose work includes, but is not limited to, readings of MTMTE). Now, neither of us is an amazing impressionist, and we’re certainly not professional voice-actor material (neither of us can talk for long enough), but attempting to do this is good fun.

So, we tend to have strong opinions on the subject of how the characters’ voices should sound. This feeds into a perennial conversation topic: which voice actors we’d like to hear in a (hypothetical) animated version of More Than Meets The Eye. This post is going to be a long one. It’s also unapologetically self-indulgent; I’m not kidding myself that there are a huge number of people who care what voices we at AddAltMode put on when reading comics aloud to each other, but for the people who will find this interesting, I hope both of you enjoy it.

So if I was casting director for an animated series or movie set in the IDW universe, (and I had unlimited resources, so as to acquire the services of any voice actor I choose), here’s how it would sound…

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TAV-30 Grimlock: A Capsule Review and a Modification

TAV-30 Grimlock is a roughly Voyager-sized Dinobot figure, representing the character from Japanese ‘toon Transformers Adventure, and by proxy it’s Anglophone-world counterpart Robots In Disguise (2015).

TAV-30 Grimlock; a roughly Voyager-sized beast covered in Minicon ports.

TAV-30 Grimlock; a roughly Voyager-sized beast with a scattering in Minicon ports.

I’m going to tell you, dear readers, what I think of him; what I like, and what I dislike. Then I’m going to tell you what I’m doing about what I dislike. Continue reading