Hi! And welcome to Addaltmode, a geek lifestyle / reviews / random ramblings blog lovingly written and maintained by us, B and R a married couple from South West England.

About us:


B isn’t really a wizard, but he’d like to be one!

His interests include: collecting toy robots, customizing them with 3D-printed parts; playing (and whinging about) video games, especially roguelikes and retro games; and reading science fiction: particularly short stories, but also novels and comics. He has been known to wax lyrical about the virtues of extreme metal, and ambient music.

Check out his Shapeways store here.

Follow him on Twitter: @Vigilant1000

Photo by KLM@MC 

R isn’t really a robot, but she’d like to be one!

R’s love of robots is very long standing, but she’s only succumbed and started collecting toy ones since Transformers Prime. With a background in English Literature (trust her, she’s a doctor), R. appreciates words , witterings and character arcs but she’ll happily also settle for a good old Mech Vs Kaiju smashfest. She’ll tend to post here about her cosplay projects, and review films, games and books.

Follow her on Twitter: @AddAltModeR

R was featured in Cosplayer Highlight on the great GeekOut South-West blog. Check out her interview here.

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