Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015: His and Hers Further Thoughts

So, we’ve now seen the first 10 episodes of the new Transformers Cartoon, Robots in Disguise. Our shared thoughts after viewing the pilot can be found here. Time for a follow up discussion on how things are shaping up for Bumblebee and the new crew.

Screenshot from the trailer. The new gang: Sideswipe, Bumblee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Fixit

Screenshot from the trailer. The new gang: Sideswipe, Bumblee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Fixit


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Robots in Disguise 2015: First Impressions Discussion

It’s here! Hasbro’s hotly anticipated new Transformers show, the somewhat unoriginally titled Robots in Disguise, is now on air in the UK. Here at AddAltMode we’ve watched the first three episodes so far: the somewhat unoriginally titled  “Pilot (parts 1 and 2)” and “Trust Exercises.” In this – our first jointly written post on this blog – we share our initial thoughts and reactions. rid logo CONTAINS SPOILERS! Continue reading

The Many Faces of Starscream: Top 15 Expressive Moments in Transformers Prime

You there! Read this highly informative article.

You there! Read this highly informative article.

Ah, Starscream. Likeable? No. Loveable? Absolutely. I’m fond of pretty much all the incarnations of the Decepticons’ reluctant Number Two. Indeed, in terms of personality he’s a remarkably consistent character: the precise mix of ambition Vs cowardice and genuine Machiavellian scheming Vs overblown melodrama varies between incarnations but the mix itself is always there. I’d have a hard time choosing my favourite Starscream overall, but if I were forced to at null-ray point I would probably go with Transfomers Prime Screamer (brilliantly voiced by Steve Blum). Why? Mostly because Eyebrows! Uh, I mean, mostly because, as I’ve already noted, the detailed style of this show’s animation really allows the creators to have fun with the robots’ facial expressions. Starscream is surely the most emotional and dramatic of all Prime‘s cast and the show brings him memorably to life.

Let’s revisit this show. Here’s a list of his finest faces that I spent waaaay too much time compiling. Enjoy! WARNING: contains spoilers for all 3 seasons of TF Prime.

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Film Review: Big Hero 6

Year: 2015 (UK release)
Directors: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Starring: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter

Month number 2 of 2015 brings robot movie number 2, and a very different prospect from January’s Ex Machina. With Chappie releasing in March it would be amazing we could maintain mechanical momentum and have a new – and very different – robot-centric film every month this year. I doubt that will happen, but until the bubble bursts this robot-loving cinema-goer is planning on thoroughly enjoying it.

So then, on to Disney’s latest offering and, significantly, its first straight-up mouse-branded film drawn from a Marvel Comic. Disney’s version is a significant departure from its source, particularly with regards to the robotic protagonist Baymax, but the result is a film that – while it may not push any boundaries in terms of plot – manages to thoroughly warm the heart and to delight the eye.

Screencap from Disney's Big Hero 6. Official Trailer 2:

Screencap from Disney’s Big Hero 6. Official Trailer 2:

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Transformers Prime: Top Facial Expressions

I’m quite a fan of the Transformers Prime TV show (you might have noticed). One of the things I really like about the TF franchise in general is how the same characters and character archetypes appear and reappear in different but still recognisable guises over time. Prime in particularly has a very small cast and  – though it loses its way in places – I love just how character-driven a show it is. Part of that success is due to the fantastic voice acting, but I also like just how expressively animated the Bots are – especially their faces.

So, with no further ado, I bring you 6 of my favourite TF Prime expressions….

CONTAINS SPOILERS but honestly, Prime is a few years old now and if you haven’t watched it already I’m surprised you’re still reading.

6. Bumblebee: unwelcome ad break 

Screencap from Transfomers Prime

Screencap from Transfomers Prime Episode 30 ”Operation Bumblebee, Part 1′

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