Borderlands Cosplay work in progress: Patricia Tannis part 2

I hinted in my last post that I was making good progress on my Borderlands Dr. Tannis costume but I really should back up the claim with some evidence. I confess I’ve probably been a better cos-maker in the last month than I have a cos-blogger; as I’ve just been motoring on with the costume rather than pausing to take as many work in progress shots as I probably should have done along the way. But I think things are going pretty well…

Tannis coat, vests and backpack: front view

Tannis coat, vests and backpack: front view

Tannis coat, vests and backpack: rear view

Tannis coat, vests and backpack: rear view

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Salvador the Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2

Salvador the Gunzerker, from Borderlands 2

This is Salvador, a playable character in Borderlands 2, which is a mix of first-person shooter and RPG, the storyline of which is laced with a heavy dose of black comedy.

Unlike the other Vault Hunters, who came to the planet Pandora in search of riches, adventure or sanctuary from the law, Salvador is a local: born and bred in the lawless “borderlands” planets between the corporate-owned areas of the Six Galaxies. It’s evident to an attentive player that Salvador hasn’t gotten on well with the Hyperion Corporation during their recent efforts to take-over and “civilize” the planet: wanted posters for Salvador appear in many Hyperion-associated locations, alleging him to be guilty of to have done Manslaughter, Theft, Arson, Destruction of Property, Trespassing, Cannibalism, Public Indecency and Profanity.

Salvador is not necessarily my favourite character to play as in Borderlands 2, that honour goes to the Siren, Maya, a psychic warrior who can isolate an individual enemy in a hovering sphere of force, which allows all sorts of shenanigans and trickery. However, Salvador is by far the funniest character in the franchise. Furthermore, he’s a short, stocky chap with a beer gut and a scruffy beard. I can totally look like that. I already do.

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Geek Fashion project: Steampunk Decepticon bag

I love working on cosplay stuff but Transformer costumes are pretty major undertakings. Sometimes it’s refreshing to take a break from large scale craft projects and make something that can be completed in a single weekend. Here’s a little something I finished recently…

What do you think is missing from this bag?

Obligatory before pic

Obligatory ”before” pic

If you said “a Steampunk Decepticon logo” then you’re clearly on my kind of wavelength!*



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TFA Slipstream Cosplay work in progress 2: Blasters!

What have I been up to on the costume-making front in the past couple of weeks? Quite a lot actually! So let’s talk guns shall we?

Now we're talking!

Now we’re talking!

Guns, blasters – you might have noticed I was calling them null-rays in previous posts on this topic. Null-rays are the iconic Seeker weapon and the guns that Starscream and all his clones – including the lovely Slipstream – are packing in TFA look pretty similar to how the null-rays look in other incarnations of the franchise, such as in the War for Cyberton game. But, having done some digging, apparently it’s not confirmed that the TFA guns are null-rays. It’s one of those (many) inconsistently signposted Transformers things. As TFWiki summarise it:

There is some confusion as to precisely what weapons Starscream has… His toy packaging declares that he has “twin sonic shock blasters” rather than the null-rays of his Generation 1 counterpart, while a bio on the Hasbro website declares that Animated Starscream does have null-rays… while otherwise being a direct copy of the press release text, which doesn’t mention them anywhere.

So yeah, confusion, controversy. “Twin sonic shock blasters” just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “null-ray”does, But whatever the hell these things are called, I needed to make some for Slipstream, and here’s how I’ve been getting on!

Slipstream gun unpainted build

Slipstream gun unpainted build

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Cosplay: Sasha Kaidanovsky from Pacific Rim

OK, I noticed something abut my post content from the past week: I seem to be incapable of writing without finding a way to work in references to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. So today I thought I’d just run with it and actually post about that film, or more specifically, about the cosplay project it inspired a couple of years ago.

Pacific Rim was undoubtedly my favourite film of 2013 and it came as a bit of a surprise just how much it got me! I went in to the cinema just expecting a good time, and some geeky fun. I mean, giant mecha punching giant monsters and a computer voiced by GLaDOS, what’s not to love there? I got all the geeky fun I’d been hoping for but what I hadn’t expected was quite how strongly this film would put me in touch with my gleeful inner child. Sure, there’s some pretty awful dialogue in places and plot holes the size of the breach if you stop to think about them but none of that matters because it’s just such an earnest cinematic experience. Pacific Rim is made with real love and passion for the genre and that is wonderfully infectious. I mean we all know del Toro loves Kaiju, but there’s passion for the machines too: those awesome, lingering swooping shots of the Jaegers are the best kind of mech-porn. Plus there’s that Ramin Djawadi score, in equal parts rousing and rocking.

When I came out of the cinema I said two things:

1). “I wanna see that again.”

2). ”Cherno Alpha is the coolest thing ever and I want to be one of its pilots’

Screen shot from Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim

The Russian Jaeger Cherno Alpha. Screen shot from Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim

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One Spoilt Robot: Customisations for Knock Out

I do enjoy spoiling the ones I love. This is why my 4 pet rats live the high life in cage designed for 12. It’s why I surprised B  last Christmas Day with the news that I was taking  him to Auto Assembly this year (our first time, so exciting!). And it’s why my toy of Knock Out – my favourite Decepticon – has a ton of customisation and actually more additional accessories than he can wield at any one time. Yeah it’s probably a bit over the top but let’s face it, if there’s one character from Transformers Prime who would appreciate a few aesthetic enhancements, it’s our Knock Out, and seeing as none of his toys really do the character justice he’s due a few perks at least.

So here’s a brief guide to how this Automobile Enthusiast got pimped….

Knock Out Screenshot from Transformers Prime Episode 64 "Synthesis"

“Because I’m worth it”

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TFA Slipstream: Cosplay Work in Progress 1

In the last post about my new cosplay project, Transformers Animated Slipstream, I talked in fairly general terms about why I’d chosen this character and mused about some of the challenges I’d likely face and materials I might use during the build. Since then I’ve grabbed my craft knife and glue gun and things have got real! I actually started by planning out the clothing I will need to wear underneath all the foam and plastic but as (1) I’m still waiting for a top I ordered to arrive and (2) the textile element has to be the least interesting part of the costume, that’s not what I’m going to talk about today….

Today we’re talking helmets!

"Bulkhead, hold still and checkout my helmet" (Screencap from Transformers Animated Episode 29. ”A Bridge Too Close, Part II”)

“Bulkhead, hold still and check out my helmet”
(Screencap from Transformers Animated Episode 29. ”A Bridge Too Close, Part II”)

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Transformers Prime Arcee Cosplay: more pics

I recently had the pleasure of doing a cosplay photoshoot with my lovely friend Sadie, who blogs over at Aim for Fabulous. I guess “Autobot” is a little bit of a departure from Sadie’s usual blogging focus of fabulous fashion and travel but we both enjoyed doing the shoot. I have to say it felt sooooo good to be back in the Arcee costume for another hour or so, I might be becoming a bit of a reluctant human! It’ll be great when I finish my Slipstream costume so I have a choice of “alt-modes.” We did the shoot in as neutral a location as possible – just a plain hallway – to hopefully let the costume do all the talking.

Here are the results!

Transformers Prime Arcee costume made & modelled by AddAltModeR

Transformers Prime Arcee costume made & modelled by AddAltModeR

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Cosplay 2015: The Plan

Meet Slipstream.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of her this year.

Screencap from Transformers Animated episode 41 'Endgame, Part I'

Screencap from Transformers Animated epsode 41 ‘Endgame, Part I’

As TFWiki neatly put it, she’s “the Starscream clone that raises the most questions.”

  • Just how did an alleged clone of a male character end up female?
  • Precisely which aspect of Starscream’s personality does she embody?
  • Why does she hate her creator quite so much?

But my biggest question is

  • Where do I start with building a Slipstream cosplay?

Yes, my TF project for 2015 is going to be project Slipstream, based on her appearances in Transformers Animated (which are brief but, in my opinion, show-stealing.)

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Little Rat Teeth

Generations Deluxe Ratrap is a 2014 re-make of one of Beast Wars iconic characters. He’s not that great a rat, though, for one simple reason: his teeth are identical in size, and arranged evenly around his mouth. Actual rats have large incisors, and all their other teeth are right at the back of their mouths. Basically, their faces are built around powerful bone-and-enamel nutcrackers.

We at AddAltMode know this well, because we’ve got a quartet of the fluffy little squeakers as pets.

Meet Westie

Here’s Westie

Meet Scotty

Here’s Scotty

And here's Frenzy & Rumble

And here’s Frenzy & Rumble

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