Toy Review: Combiner Wars Mirage

So, when the Combiner Wars toyline reached the UK I wasn’t massively impressed. All the figures looked a bit same-y to me, perhaps because the Aerialbots were (mostly) the first wave to arrive, and they’re all jet planes. I liked the Optimus Prime, but I wasn’t impressed with much of the others. I decided to just buy any figures who stood out and looked interesting, rather than try to collect a whole team. (I figured early on that this policy would produce an anomalous result towards the end of this year: “known Decepticon sympathiser” AddAltModeR loves all the Combaticons, so the whole team have been pre-ordered.)

Autobot-wise, I’ve been largely disappointed. Among the Protectobots, only First Aid tickled my fancy, and among the current wave, which is made up of previously non-combining characters joining to form a new combiner called Ultra Prime (I appreciate the RID2001/Car Robots reference!), I’ve only really liked Mirage. Now, Mirage is a re-tool of the Decepticon Drag Strip, with a new head that more closely resembles the G1 cartoon version of Mirage, and a white colour scheme. I didn’t like Drag Strip much, on the grounds that he’s super-garish: lemon yellow and magenta is not a tasteful combination. Mirage is, suitably for a robot aristocrat, a much-more classily-attired bot.

Mirage in-pack. He comes with a sword, a giant hand/foot, and a comic.

Mirage in-pack. He comes blister-packed on a card with a sword, a giant hand/foot, and a comic.

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Toy Review: Takara Tomy Legends Slipstream

“Hotly anticipated” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Before this review goes any further I really ought to raise my hand and confess to every kind of bias and vested interest there is going. Since I started planning my Slipstream cosplay project back in January 2015 I dread to think how many hours I’ve spent thinking about this particular Transformers character. I’ve watched those few episodes of Transformers Animated in which she appears, scrutinised screenshots, fanart, over-thought her colour-scheme, her composition and behaviour, and I’ve cosplayed as her 5 times now for various events and had the time of my life doing so. A bit part player in the TF canon she may be, but this Decepticon femme has become a firm favourite and a weirdly huge part of my life. I don’t know whether these factors will predispose me to write a ridiculously positive review (because OMG guys it’s Slipstream, right here in plastic) or whether I’m more likely to be overtly critical (because she is my main woman and I need this figure to do her justice). I guess we’ll find out, but either way be aware I’m hardly coming at this from a neutral perspective…

Here she is: Takara's Deluxe Legends Slipstream

Here she is: Takara’s Deluxe Legends Slipstream

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Toy Review: Combiner Wars Megatron

All Hail Megatron! Maybe it’s a shocking confession, but we didn’t actually have a Megatron in our collection before (other than the teeny one that “hatched” out of a Kinder Egg). Since we’ve only been buying Transformers (again) for the last couple of years, there hadn’t been a Megatron released during this time who really appealed. We wanted a large Megsy, a figure with some gravitas, the sort who nobody – except probably Wheeljack – would dare to call “Megsy.” But most of the more recent toys of this iconic Decepticon have been smaller sized ones, and we weren’t about to the pay the silly prices for which some of the older, larger figures now sell. So I was pretty excited when I heard a new Leader class Megatron was on the way as part of the Generations Combiner Wars line. We pre-ordered this big guy way back in January, but I only just got my hands on him last week. His ship date just kept getting put back and put back. But finally here he is!

A Leader Class Decepticon Leader

A Leader Class Decepticon Leader

Was he worth the wait? Let’s have a closer look shall we?

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Toy Review: Combiner Wars Optimus Prime

News Flash! I bought a figure that wasn’t from the Transformers Prime range. Here’s a little chappie you might have heard of, goes by the name Optimus Prime.

Kind of a big deal

Kind of a big deal

This is the new Voyager Optimus, released January 2015 as part of the Combiner Wars series. I wasn’t planning on buying him but I had wanted some sort of Voyager Optimus for a while (the Prime RID Optimus is one of my least favourite figures from the range, which is why we don’t already have him). Previously B and I only had the Deluxe Fall of Cybertron Optimus, who is a nice figure but was starting to look distinctly overshadowed with some our Voyagers (RID Prime Bulkhead, Arms Micron Ultra Magnus, FoC Grimlock) towering over him. You need a leader Bot with a commanding presence, and Combiner Wars Optimus certainly has that. The first time I saw the toy in the plastic I liked him enough to part with some hard earned cash – and to stick out my tongue at B who teases me for being evil since I more usually tend to obsess over Decepticons.

So here’s a look at him…

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