MTMTE meets M:tG?

In IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye comic series there’s a point in issue #21 in which the character Skids passes through a mysterious portal. I’m not going to spoil too much of the context for those who aren’t reading it yet (why not? READ IT!) but after passing through, Skids is addressed telepathically by a group of 5 differently-coloured planetoids. (Believe me, this is far from the oddest thing that has happened in MTMTE.) He is soon nonplussed by the planetoids; their method of communication is beyond what his mind can fathom, and their in-comic speech bubbles contain not text but a series of pictograms.

Anyway, one of the telepathic planetoids’ speech bubbles, contains this glyph:

I suspect the symbol in the middle represents the Knights of Cybertron, and the outer 5 orbs represent the gods of the guiding hand.

Detail from panel in Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #21

The 5 differently coloured orbs are arranged clockwise: White, Green, Red, Black & Blue. I suspect the symbol in the middle represents the Knights of Cybertron, and the outer 5 orbs represent the Gods of the Guiding Hand.

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Devcon Exe: podcasts, poses and purchases

Last weekend was DevCon Exe (the local convention formerly known as ExeCon), this was a two day event held, this time, in the Great Hall at the University of Exeter. The University was a great venue: well lit and with some interesting backdrops for photographs, plus much more spacious than this event’s previous home at St George’s Hall in the city centre, so although it felt like the place was nicely buzzing on the Saturday at least, things never got too cramped and as someone in a costume with wings I was grateful for that!

B had to work on the Saturday and couldn’t make it along, so our original plan had been that I’d go as Slipstream on the first day with some of our friends to lend me a hand getting in to the costume, and then both halves of AddAltMode would make an appearance in our Borderlands gear on the Sunday. For various reasons, the Sunday plans went awry so Tannis and Salvador didn’t get an airing, but Slipstream had a fantastic time there on the Saturday. I’m still slightly awed by how popular Slipstream is and how much love there is for my costume, both from people encountering her for the first time and from folk who were happy to see my Decepticon alt-mode again.

AddAltModeR as Slipstream, photo by We Shoot First

AddAltModeR as Slipstream, photo by We Shoot First

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Windblade: Operation Stability (Shapeways product review)

There’s such a thriving Transformers fan community on Shapeways,”The World’s Leading 3D Printing Service & Marketplace.” I think it’s wonderful how the development and expansion of 3D printing has really taken Transformers fanart and engagement with the toys to the next level, allowing designers to do anything from making the official figures more show/comic accurate; creating replica parts and accessories to repair older toys or reinstate missing components; construct characters and properties that would never otherwise appear in the plastic (as B has been doing with his weapons and customs inspired by the now defunct Transformers Universe game). And, of course, 3D printing can occasionally provide a very welcome opportunity for fans to correct flaws in the official figures. Today I’m going to look at one such corrective product: the Upgraded Heel Spurs for Generations Windblade designed by Shapeways artist JohnBonhamatron. These are a great example of how a little modification can make a big difference…

Generations Windblade - Upgraded Heel Spurs by Shapeways artist by JohnBonhamatron

Generations Windblade – Upgraded Heel Spurs by Shapeways artist JohnBonhamatron

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