“Quick and Dirty” Pandemic: a Custom Transformers Toy

This is Pandemic, from the defunct MMO Transformers Universe:



For those who never played, or don’t remember the game, he was an ambitious Decepticon with a sibilant voice, a fondness for viral weapons and two vicious drills. He transformed into a very sleek, vaguely snake-looking car.

This is Knock Out, a Deluxe-size Transformers Toys from the Beast Hunters subline of Transformers Prime:



 What happens when you blend those two things? Well just look here after the jump…

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Halloween Transformers Episode Appreciation 2: Thirst (Transformers Prime)

Part of AddAltMode's Creepy Countdown series

Part of AddAltMode’s Creepy Countdown series

IT LIVES! Time now for part two of our double feature exploring the creepiest cartoon episodes that the Transformers canon has to offer. Part one, which examines the origin story of Transfomers Animated‘s Blackarachnia, can be found here. Unlike that first pick, my second episode selection doesn’t overtly have a Hallowe’en setting. Nobody actually chooses a pumpkin or goes trick or treating here. Yet surely there can be no Transformers moments that more deliciously capture the spooky season’s general love of all things horror than “Thirst,” otherwise known as Transformers Prime does Zombies.

Starscream and Knock Out. Just look at those faces! There's definitely more trick than treat gong down in this episode. (Screencap from TF Prime episode 60)

Starscream and Knock Out. Just look at those faces! There’s definitely more trick than treat going down in this episode. (Screencap from TF Prime episode 60)

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Transformers Prime Skullcruncher: G1 Nostalgia

Grax transforms into Skullcrucher's head... it's complicated.

Character-model images of Skullcruncher and his Headmaster Partner Grax. (Images From Transformers Generations)

Skullcruncher was a Decepticon in Transformers Generation one. He transformed into a pinkish-red and dark-green robot alligator – not a crocodile, his upper jaw is wider than the lower one, and the lower jaw’s teeth are obscured when his mouth is closed… Herpetological concerns aside, he was a brutish and feral (although not stupid), Decepticon, used as muscle and cannon fodder by various post-Megatron Decepticon leaders like Scorponok and Bludgeon. His human-sized partner Grax transforms into Skullcruncher’s robot-mode head.

Seperated at Birth construction? Pandemic From transformers universe and Beast Hunters Knock-Out.

Seperated at birth construction? Facial close-ups of Pandemic from Transformers Universe and Beast Hunters Knock Out.

I obtained the reptilian Beast Hunters Knock Out very cheaply, and had in mind using him as the base for a custom figure of the Transformers Universe character Pandemic. However, I changed my mind, and found a new inspiration when discussing the Headmasters from Generations 1.

In Transformers: Prime (at least until the Robots In Disguise subfranchise), Decepticons don’t have beast modes per se, so the alligator-ish warrior Skullcruncher would be likely to look more like a reptilian car in his alt-mode than like an actual reptile. With that train of thought in my head, I began to work on a simple customisation for Knock Out.

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One Spoilt Robot: Customisations for Knock Out

I do enjoy spoiling the ones I love. This is why my 4 pet rats live the high life in cage designed for 12. It’s why I surprised B  last Christmas Day with the news that I was taking  him to Auto Assembly this year (our first time, so exciting!). And it’s why my toy of Knock Out – my favourite Decepticon – has a ton of customisation and actually more additional accessories than he can wield at any one time. Yeah it’s probably a bit over the top but let’s face it, if there’s one character from Transformers Prime who would appreciate a few aesthetic enhancements, it’s our Knock Out, and seeing as none of his toys really do the character justice he’s due a few perks at least.

So here’s a brief guide to how this Automobile Enthusiast got pimped….

Knock Out Screenshot from Transformers Prime Episode 64 "Synthesis"

“Because I’m worth it”

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